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Confused About a Good, Workable, Simple Trading Strategy?

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Confused About a Good, Workable, Simple Trading Strategy?


When I Started trading, I went from strategy to strategy and what a mess I had become as a trader.

Try this, it’s very simple but very powerful....

“3 bar reversal patterns” used at important support and resistant points of the trading chart.

Any time frame will work.

Use an important support and resistant level for an exit strategy also.

This simple but very powerful trading strategy is all you need to make a living trading Forex.

Along with proper position sizing, you can't help but become successful.

The other good news is that Shawn explains the "3 Bar Reversal Pattern" in a good Video at the bottom of your Home page.

I hope this will help someone...

Jerry P.

Sat, 01/05/2019 - 12:09am