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Connection issues


Connection issues

I am by no means trying to impede on the Fantastic Support Staff of Apiary in anyway shape or form - but I did notice opening Port 4504 on my router and firewall resolved a lot of my random disconnects to Apiary servers.  A few more 'Points of Presence' will satisfy further growth for the future; in due time i'm shure they have a plan.

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 1:08am

In the last 5 days I have had more server growing pains than I can remember in the last 5 years! We have just been seeing more and more Alveo usage (which is awesome) but it has brought with it its own amount of learning experiences for us here at Apiary. Thanks for the advice JF, btw - I know you're new, just wanted to say welcome to the Hive as well!


Thanks for the warm Welcome Colton,

In fact, everyone at that I've come in contact with to date (in 18 days), as made me feel special - Everyone's phone etiquette is simply fantastic, and the support is in near real time - and thats Awesome! Best of all nothing is sugar coated, its all fat free and there's no ads.

What you have here - the content and the technology coupled with the drive to change lives is something everyone should be proud to be a part of in any capacity.

I was personally drawn to Apiary - after doing my due diligence - because i smell success for all involved - and I know success - the last movement I was knee deep involved with is now known as the internet. - and i think it worked well - this will too - i can smell it.

Shawn and team - can you feel the earth shake! You are doing it!

Keep up the great work!

nick.spicer the sounds of your posts, JF, I thought you were an old dog here. Keep it up! Also, how did you know what port to open? I've done a lot of port-forwarding before but never knew how they found the ports to open.


Over the years - I've accumulated training on many tools for the jobs at hand - I have since found similar knockoffs that get the basic job done without the added professional grade fluff - I learned years ago to never run new software until I know who the copyright owners are and then I run a Traffic viewer for a while for my own sanity - I have a inherent need (old habits die hard) to see what traffic is being collected - aggregated - and transmitted on my behalf from my computers or networks. Specially true when auto updates are required and cookies are been set, and the phone starts to ring hours after money changes hands. - Lets leave it at that.

Cheap knockoff network tools can be found at http://www .nirsoft. net they have a decent FREE set of software solutions - look for NetworkTrafficView specifically.

a v nath

Thanks JF for sharing network monitoring suggestions.

Augustine Mumba

Internet connection in my country is still under development. I use a router with maximum download speed of 2Mbps. However, the download speed reduces drastically during day-time and Alveo up-time is adversely affected. I got a recommendation to connect through VPS but I note this is only good for communication from Apiary servers to the liquidity providers and the market. Internet connection between my computer and VPS remains a challenge. JF mentions above connecting through port 4504, any guidance how this is done?


opening an old topic, to prevent duplicates...

yesterday friday 2016/09/09 (22:00 CET) I noticed that during the last hour of the session ALVEO-platform had strange behaviour. (a.o. templates were swopped, I was kicked out of the platform and other stuff)
After a while (appr 15-30 minutes) this 'wiggling' was done.
Then I noticed the Apiary-site had been changed.
So, i.m.o. I think that due to the connection between Apiary-site and the ALVEO-platform, the 'wiggling' on ALVEO-platform took place.
HOWEVER, the market was not closed yet then, trading going on and the 'wiggling' confused me.

so my suggestion is,
please do a little communication BEFORE any update during tradinghours takes place. (or did I miss it? )

ps. the update on the site is an improvement.
thanks & have a nice weekend.


thank you!


nice job, i am ready to start trading like a turtle