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Copying Trades from MT4 EA to Alveo......... Yes, its possible.

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Copying Trades from MT4 EA to Alveo......... Yes, its possible.

My EA strategy looks for retracements in the market. It trades in a grid fashion up to 5 trades deep increasing lot size through out. This system in its default settings does not use a stop loss but does adjust take profit accordingly and has been accurate with its entry and exit. Extra special shout out to my fellow hive mate @Dbaechtel. Don was able to fully automate my trading strategy using my MT4 EA copied to Alveo in real time. Don also help me out with a small app that checks if Alveo is running and if not, it will automatically restart it. System works great with minimal input. Fully funded here I come.

Sun, 12/30/2018 - 12:34pm

Teach me that... sounds interesting trendsat


while the mt4 to alveo copy trade is very interesting...

shipperschoice, be careful, the system, as described, is a form of martingale...designed to recover losses by multiplying position size as the trade moves against you.

without using stops, one is playing with huge forex you can lose more money than you have in your account...using both a martingale strategy and no stops almost guarantees that you will experience an extreme loss.

again, be careful and make sure that you understand the math behind the technique.