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Crossover Strategy

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Crossover Strategy

Have a strategy that I have been playing around with but can't quite seem to see if it works or not, so wanted to see what some others thought about it.

- Use the standard MACD (12,26,9)
- Use a 5 period RSI, as well as a 10 period moving average of the RSI
- Use a 9 period and 50 period EMA

Essentially this uses signal crossovers to determine entry and exit points. The more signals that cross, the more valid the signal, but at least 3 signals need to cross for an entry or exit. The crossovers would be:
- 5 period RSI crosses the RSI moving average
- MACD histogram crosses the signal line, or vice versa
- MACD histogram or signal line crosses 0
- 9 period EMA crosses the 50 EMA
- Candlestick closes above or below either EMA


Fri, 02/01/2019 - 10:47am

I'm using an EMA crossover strategy. I just started trading it, but have spent a great many hours backtesting it. So far it's performing better than I even expected. In backtesting, I tried using several indicators as confirmation (including MACD and RSI). Over time I found that they kept me out of winners more often than they saved me from losers. So much so that I'm now not using any indicators other than the MAs. I need a good high volume of trades before I can figure the exact win rate, etc., but I'm very pleased with the progress so far.


jandkbolduc, to many signals and looking for alignment on all of them is going to be challenging, if not confusing.

setup your chart, as described, use mt4, as mt4 will give you more history to review, and then go back in time, a couple years or so.

using the f12 key, step through the price chart, one candle at a time...

look for and track your signals, their alignment and their outcome.

best of luck