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Crossover Strategy

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Crossover Strategy

Crossover Strategy


1.)  Set up the indicators -

Bands (16,2) - Bollinger Bands - Deviation (2) Period (16)

EMA (7) - Exponential Moving Average – Period (7)

SMA (35) – Simple Moving Average – Period (35)

Sto (7,4,4) – Stochastic – D Period (4)  K Period (7) Slowing (4)

CCI(18)  - Commodity Channel Index – Period (18)


2.) When to enter trade


Follow the trend and the direction of the stochastic.


look for a buy when Price is above the SMA 35

look or a sell when Price is below the SMA 35


Then look for 7 to cross 16 or 35, or when the signal line crosses the Stochastic


Only take a counter trend trade if price is outside of the bands and the Stochastic and CCI are in overbought or oversold.


(note the way the stochastic and cci are pointing)… confirmation is when stochastic and/or cci are at over bought or oversold.


3.When to Exit the trade, when the reason for getting into it no longer exists...when the7 crosses 16 or when the signal line crosses the stochastic…confirmation is when stochastic and/or cci are at over bought or oversold.

Brian showed me this strategy, I've used it for months, and I am able to see the set up with high probability for a win.

Thu, 08/23/2018 - 3:24pm
JobFree Hustle

Great plan Thanks for sharing


cynth71, Do you have screen shot of a counter trend trade described above? Is it the same as a pull back in a trend?