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crowded tabs

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crowded tabs

Hi everyone...loving the process of working my way thru the steps...

my problem is .......on the computer screen setup...across the top I have all the pairs I am looking at for setups...

problem is there are so many that on my screen they get so small I can no longer read what they are...

So I am looking for a better...more efficient way to arrange my screen.  Thanks for any help you can give


Wed, 08/22/2018 - 12:35pm

Hi Steve, How many pairs are you looking at?

I follow 3 pairs. I have my main trading chart and use a second chart that I use to check the pairs. I flip between pairs using the drop down menu.

Hope that helps.


I follow five pairs but for the start of my day I see which pairs are showing good volatility and go with 3 of the best looking pairs which on my large screen shows up fine and doesn't look crowded. Since I am a scalper on the 1m chart the 5m charts are important to me. So I have two extra monitors hooked up where I can display the corresponding 5m charts and 3 other charts of interest. To display the price action charts I use the free feeds from DailyFX ( using the popup functions on their charts. Obviously their feeds are a little different than Alveo but for discerning the trends on the 5m charts they work just fine.


thanks to both of you....have 10 or so charts I like to look at...depending on time of the tabs that I have to click to go from one to another get so small I cant see what they represent...and end up having to do it by memory...was wondering if there is a way to rearrange my screen so the tabs go down the side or something instead of across the top so that I could see them....
would be really nice if we could click on our orders to change screens....but putting that aside any ideas?


I don't understand why a trader needs all those charts?
Here is a good primer on liquidity,, some great tables
Here is a Jeff class on Forex volume,
Note in the attachment and I apologize for not have the URL, the volume by currency. as all pairs are made up of currencies
Would it not be logical to trade the top two or three currencies by selecting the currencies pairs that have the most liquidity?

As traders, isn't liquidity what it's all about?

But you say I ant the looong term trend trade of several days, weeks even months. Then your an investor, not a trader and totally different mantras need to be applied for the ROI and efficient use of capital.

Top Traded Currencies.JPG
Scott J

Rookie, I agree about trading liquid pairs. This is especially important when trading shorter time frames because the spread and commission immediately creates a proportionately larger disadvantage.


rookie thanks for the info on liquidity...appreciated