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Currency Pair Charachteristics

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Currency Pair Charachteristics


I am a new trader and learning more everyday. I am wondering if you all could provide feedback on your perspective on the characteristics of the various currency pairs.




Sun, 11/25/2018 - 11:00pm

I trade the EUR/USD exclusively, and I have found that I have the best success when I trade that pair during the same hours. Each market and each market opening seem to have their own personality. I have decided to trade one pair, and learn it well before I start trying to work other pairs, but to each their own. I can say with confidence, that I can trade the UK open better than any other time period. After six months, I am right about general movement during that time period about 90% of the time. I imagine that if I had studied the US open, I would know that one instead. Maybe in the future at some point. :)


great share conradsto


eurusd has the highest volume

all your majors will tend to have less volatility, while your crosses are quite the opposite.

audusd is one of the lower volume pairs.




One thing to consider and keep in mind , correlation between pairs.

Pip gatherer-PG

Each pair different
stop loss has to be different speed is different for example USD/CHF is much slower than GBP/USD

I like GBPUSD IT suits my plan

Mr Todd Grantam uses SIX PAIRS which can be copied

Good luck, happy trading.


"correlation between pairs" ...ion, great point.

here's a friendly resource for understanding correlations...


I agree with conradsto. I trade the Frankfurt and London open. Each market seems to have its own characteristics


Frankfort is the Asain crossover
London is the reversal only to be reversed again at the NY open or just prior.
This is called the circadian cycle.


@marykaytn, I understand why your asking but its the wrong question. What you want to know are the currency Characteristics that make up the pair. And what makes that currency strong or weak, then in relation to other currencies that make up the pairs base and quote.

After that, the correlation Buton suggests become much more meaning full.



Most currency pairs have their own characteristics and have a statistical edge depending on how you trade. The question you need to ask yourself is what characteristic are you looking for. Are you looking for volatility, trendiness, or maybe some thing that has a mean-reversion characteristic. Also you need to ask on what time frame are you using to base these characteristics.

Good Luck