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I found a very accurate Indicator called " Cycle Identifier " ( with Alert ). This indicator can be used in Meta Trader 4.
If you see a GREEN vertical Line,  the candles are about to move UP ( BULLISH )
If you see a RED vertical Line, the candles are about to move DOWN ( BEARISH )
You can exit the trade when you see the next signal in the opposite direction.
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Fri, 04/15/2016 - 5:37pm

Sounds interesting. How has it been working out? Do you have any test results? Where did you get it from?
Can you load it into Alveo?


Are you still using this indicator. Does the indicator repaint. If yes how do you have confidence in it.


thank you for sharing. ill look for it


Hi Manager 007, I looked up for this indicator on the internet, It seems like it repaints. Any indicators that repaints is going to have an edge over us!! So it is a no-go for me.


Are you still using this ?


This indicator does repaint, however if you use other confirmation indicators as well it has the potential to produce a lot of pips. H1, and higher timeframes seem to be most appropriate as it will adjust with the market especially if there is major news. Support and resistance levels added to the chart will give a good indication of where to place pending buy and sell orders and when to exit the trade.