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Daily Maintenance ???

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Daily Maintenance ???

Just about to put on trades for a 1 hour strategy I am testing and I can't trade because "Alveo is currently undergoing daily maintenance (9:00 GMT to 9:06 GMT)" Does this occur everyday? Seven trades I was about to enter; can't take them now because of this 6 minute maintenance. All of the pairs have moved from my entry. Very frustrating

Mon, 07/04/2016 - 5:04pm

Do Alveo stops not work during maintenance? I don't think so.

I had a trade running with a 5-pip stop loss when Alveo went into maintenance today. Seconds after maintenance ended (9:06:11 pm), Alveo closed the position with a 12.45 pip loss.

It would be nice if Alveo announced "5 MINUTES TO MAINTENANCE" so that we can exit or modify positions before that occurs. I frequently find myself trading at the exact moment of maintenance (it's the best time for me to be in front of the computer), and am regularly frustrated when a trade I am managing suddenly disappears for maintenance -- and then reappears with a loss. Some of my biggest losses are when my trades shoot through my Stops during maintenance.

My trade stats are bad enough on their own. I don't need Alveo's quirks making them worse.

Mr. Anderson

I was ready for the big news on NZD to find Alveo down for maintenance just as the news dropped. Once Alveo came back online I noticed a very nice spike on the chart and a large loss on my statistics. This is unbelievable to me!


Same - i did not place my SL fast enough and got killed for about 2.5%! since I am a newbie, I am only in a virtual account, and the lesson I learned is more valuable than having made 200 "virtual pips"... enter the SL on the order entry screen, not as a second step! #stilllearning


It appears I had a second Alveo issue during maintenance today. During maintenance, USD/JPY hit my Sell Stop and kept going past my Take Profit, then reversed. Of course, Alveo did not execute the trade during maintenance. When Alveo ended maintenance, it executed the Sell Stop order and put me in the market without also executing the Take Profit (which would merely have cost me commission). Because the market had already reversed by the time it executed my Sell Stop, I then hit my Stop Loss. I am off to a bad day because of two orders botched during Alveo maintenance.

It REALLY would be nice if Alveo gave us a 10 minute warning -- GET OUT NOW BEFORE ALVEO MAINTENANCE SCREWS UP YOUR ORDER! Anyone trading on a 1-minute, 5-miunte, or 15-minute chart can then exit positions and take down setups before maintenance causes a problem.

Michael H

scottakjar, I agree that it's so frustrating. I too have had large losses due to the Alveo maintenance issue. It would be a good if they could incorporate a 5 minute warning as you suggested. But I guess until then we will have to forgo any trading during that time of day until something is done.

Golfer Bill

I've had many Alveo issues. This is not one of them. Have been here over 2 months and know not to run any tight trades around maintenance. It happens every day. No system is perfect. There are a lot of benefits of this program. This is one circumstance, we all know is there, that it's our obligation to work around. Maybe set an alert on your computer 5 minutes before maintenance. I'm sympathetic to all with Alveo issues. I would rather have IT work on the "surprise" issues than something we all can work around. Just my thoughts.


Same here. I had a pending order and my trade was moved 90 pips above my original entry after that "maintenance" (Live account). After my trade was done I had a lose of $100+ when easly I could have made $350 with the good uptrend move. I never seen a message about daily maintenance before but anyway. They could move the maintenance 5 mins later when there is a NZD news in schedule for us to trade it.