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Days lesson learned


Days lesson learned

Did not really know where to put this.

Today I looked at market opening and a new indicator at the same time.

It was crazy!!!! After looking at a bunch of things, I jumped out to look later.

Ok, later... I jump in but I’m distracted. Then I go to make a trade on a pair I have not done with new stuff on the screen. Poof in and then in the other way as my cat runs across my computer on my lap! A first! Now l’m totally distracted. Lose and lose. Another try trying to focus. Not so easy.

I get rid of new stuff and let ok at familiar stuff. About to quit but I make a trade and just sit and watch what looks ok and like I’m used to it. So, I make back some and I say tomorrow is another day. Be ready and focus. So ends week one of learning with a big lesson!

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Sun, 09/08/2019 - 9:35pm

It's important to use stop losses and to know when to walk away. Go enjoy the rest of the day, get some food, or take a nap. The market will be there waiting for you when you return. :)