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decked out hardware set ups

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decked out hardware set ups

Wondering what the bee's feel about multi screen hardware set ups? And the set up has benefited you?

Thu, 02/04/2016 - 5:07pm

As a relatively new bee (4.5 months) I'm very open to any ideas on multiscreen hardware/software and office setup discussions. Right now, Im just on a laptop w/8 MB RAM processor. I know I will need more as I grow my business.


it took me some time to decide with money and size and such.
I went with 3, 22" monitors which are a good size. running off my lap top. I also needed a powered 3.0 USB hub and three USB to HDMI adapters. It works well.


I'm currently using one screen. I had thought about going multiple monitors, but I bought an extrawide screen instead. I kind of don't like the bezels being in between the screens, so I decided on one screen for now. But the resolution is 3440x1440 so it's very wide as if I was using 2 or 3 monitors already.


I am always on the move, due to my work, so a laptop has served me well. I trade only 1 or 2 pairs at a time, so I don't need a lot of space on the monitor.
When I am at home I can connect it to a large screen TV for better visual analysis.


I have expanded with time. I started out just on my 17" laptop and then later added a 27" monitor and that worked quite well for me. Then my wife's computer recently died so I bought her a 27" touchscreen computer to replace her dead laptop but ended up all the laptop needed was a cooling fan so I hijacked the 27" since it had more memory and speed. So my current setup is that I run ALVEO on my touchscreen, run my trading music on my laptop with FOREX news on the laptop screen, and when Apiary is running a webinar I put that up on my 23" monitor.


I have two monitors myself, one for junk (email, news pages, etc) on my laptop, and I have extended my screen to monitor #2 for trading. Works well for me :) 4GB ram, older intel i5 chip.


Being a graduate from a trade school in electronics in the mid 80's I've been in electronics for sometime now and I actually have three trading stations set up, two in my office and one at my folks house so I can trade if I'm needed out there, it's a small hobby farm and I'm needed out there often especially in the sping and summer. My main station consists of 8 monitors being driven by two Dell Precision duel core T3400's with room for two more monitors........ if I want........Yea........that's right!...... I'm glowing with radiation when I go to bed at night!...... Does it help? Lovie doesn't need a night light! think it does, but I also have a personal Dell lap top at work and suits me fine for monitoring trades during breaks.....If it doesn't get me fired!

You might think that a 8 monitor trading station would cost a person a fortune! Think again! ..........One word..........Ebay!........I've been building my main trading station for about a year now a little at a time. I'll try and add some pictures asap. The Dell T3400's are great "Older" Heavy! High End Buissness computers that have been coming off lease for a number of years now and are hitting the electronics salvaging companies by the thousands! You can pick them up for about $100.00 shipping included! The same with everything that goes with them! If you want to build one stick with Dell, they are so much more easier to upgrade, Dell has the best "support" program in the buisness, even for "older" models like the Precision "T" series and in most cases you won't need to buy a new operating system unless you want to but stick with Windows Vista Business at the very least! just make sure you buy it from a reputable "recycler" "lifted" (stolen) operating system keys are like letting a thief have keys to your house! And BTW I estimate I have less than $1,000.00 in all three trading stations the smallest one having "only" 4 monitors......You really don't need all that if you have a sharp mind, a photographic memory and can multi task like you own it! .........I don't!.... and...... I can't!

One more tip.....Thrift Stores are good for Mice..Keyboards and Monitors $3.00 to $15.00! and no shipping!

I'll trade up to brand new when I'm making $1,000.00 a week!

One last thing! If you are going to build yourself a trading station don't be a Idiot! don't work on electrifide equipment especially if you don't know what you are doing! Just Don't! Bad for you and Bad for the eqipment! You have been warned!
I should know! I'm missing the tip of my middle finger on my left hand from "flipping off" a guitar amplifier while she was "beaming with lightning"

Let's Trade!


I find two monitors are not only essential but also adequate. The Intel Core i7 is the processor of choice. Solid State Drives are preferred as they are many times faster than magnetic drives.


I have been looking at Eddie Z's trading computers. They have an assortment of computers that look to be reasonably priced. I would like to hear from anyone who has bought one to see how it is going.


I bought one similar to this, but I customized to fit my needs. Thus, I paid $1700 because on sale. It was not exactly similar to the picture I captured from its site, but it was that model at the time. Now, it upgraded to the new processor, so the price is way more than I paid for.

This is my 7th PC in the house, and I had to say it is the best one for the bucks. I got another 16 GB RAM and installed myself to make it 32.

The best computer!.jpg Here is my computer.jpg

or use 255 inch Visio Smart televisions with one computer. Then I have 423 inch monitors attached to another computer.




I keep replacing my windows machines every 1-2 years sometimes sooner but my mac from 2007 keeps running strong(though I do not as yet trade on it). Why do I bring this up? I am seriously contemplating making the move back to a mac as my primary machine hearing what others have said that are beginning to do the same. Mac Pro with its Xeon E5 and upward scale-ability peeks my interest, if they had gone to next gen cpu it would have been a done deal.

On the other hand, maybe I need to view my win pc's as just a commodity and buy 1 machine for just trading only, period, no one allowed to connect except the trading platform, one machine for development, one machine for analysis, and then one machine for all the other stuff that seems to take out my machine every 6 months. Can you tell I am tiered of recovering my machine to factory status.

Cost would be about the same either way

Actually, after writing this, I just need to get over myself and trade.


I'm new to Apiary/Alveo. I currently trade with three screens, but I would exchange them all for one 4K screen. Bottom line for me is it's all about how many pixels. I would not like trading on a phone.


I totally agree! Using a small device like a phone to actually trade sounds very risky for someone like me that wears glasses everyday. No really. It is hard to the numbers just to dial a friend. ha ha.
I enjoy trading and normally have a 3 screen setup. But not sure about the 4k screen. If it worked I would trade up immediately.

Ken Bury

I like my 27" 4K monitor, sort of like having 4 smaller monitors. But for trading, I can't process that much information without getting distracted so a single normal monitor would probably be fine.


Having dual monitors is a MUST! Definitely a must have if you are doing scalping vs long term or swing trading!


I used to have a set up with 6 monitors.. but I realize now that it only confuses my trading having so many pair and so many time frames. I now only use 4 monitors. main 30inch one for my two pairs (gu and ej), then two on the side for extra time frames..and my third one for ther web/movies.

My dream set up would be a 3 screen set up with 55" 4K LED TV so that I can trade from far.

this all day staring at the monitors close is killing me and my eyes.. lol