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Hello traders!

I am currently working with ALIGNMENT trading and wanted to find out how to determine a PRICE CYCLE on the 5 minute chart? I see that there is an indicator that says PRICE CYCLE that I can add to my chart, but not really sure how to read it. All it says is BULL PRICE CYCLE 0.00036...? I'm trying to figure out my profit target which was explained to me as a projection of price and time cycle from the last pivot low (for long position) on the 5 min chart. SO if the price cycle is 15 pips and the last pivot low was 1.2850, my target profit target would be 1.2865. My problem is how they came up with the 15 (price cycle)... TIA

"Practice and Enjoy!"

Tue, 01/28/2020 - 12:41pm