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Development of a Strategy

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Development of a Strategy

During the trials of completing the requirements of Silver 1, I have not been able to create strategy that I feel will bring success. With the winter holidays coming around, I am hopeful that I can spend the time to develop a comprehensive strategy that allows me the best chance for success.

Sun, 11/11/2018 - 7:00pm

Jeff, try to develop a system that gets you in before the opening of the markets, practice with one currency for a while and get to know it's nuisances. How volatile it is on certain days. Also watch Shawn's Trader in the street series on YouTube. For some ideas at entering with market orders. I hope this helps..

I wish you the best of luck, and once you find a system that works remember what works about it and keep doing it.


jeff, it my be productive, if you haven't taken the time, to review your trade history.

identify your successful trades and study them for similarities.

the point is, you might already have a setup or two that work for you. if so, spend your holiday time breaking down those trades.

- identify the factors you can track and monitor
- determine what a successful trade typically looks like
- is there a time of day?
- is it a certain pair?

there are many applicable questions you can ask.

always remember that simplicity is your friend.

a simple setup will provide less distraction during your trading session.