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Did Not Get Filled On My Limit Orders Again - 3rd Time

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Did Not Get Filled On My Limit Orders Again - 3rd Time

On my SIM account , I placed a Limit Order there to SELL @ 1.49070 on 8/13. I placed the Limit Order at 12:01 PM GMT time.
About (3) 15 Minute bars later at the 12:45 bar ... price hit my limit order and surpassed it by 7 Pips, then retraced a little. Then 3 bars later, it went there again passing my order by 3 Pips, BUT DID NOT GET FILLED on either hit.
This is the 3rd time my Limit orders are not getting filled when they should have easily!  And do not say it must have been the SPREAD too wide. That is BS! 
So far I am not impressed with this "Institutional" Forex Data feed. It is simply NOT Professional at all.
What is the point of learning to trade if my Limit Orders are not being filled???
Anyone else experiencing not getting filled on Limit Orders???
Wed, 08/21/2019 - 8:21am

WOW, I just found another one on my Pending orders that did not get filled. Two (2) Limit Orders I placed on Monday 8/19.

I placed two Limit Orders to SELL USD/JPY at 196.66 at about 3:07 PM GMT

Later that day - it hit my Limit but did not fill. It was just by 1 Pip within 10 minutes. About 20 mins later it hit it again by 2 Pips. OK maybe it was SPREAD this time ...

BUT the next day it hit my Limit Price MULTIPLE TIMES and even stayed up there above my Limit Order by 4 PIps easy!

This is ridiculous!!

I took a screen shot of this. Check it out! The red circle is WHEN I placed my trade. The bars are 5 Min bars.

This now makes the 5th Limit Order (so far) that did NOT get filled.

Annotation 2019-08-21 083218.png

The servers are....unreliable. It's a good rule of thumb to leave Alveo open. Especially for trailing stops and stop/limit orders.


To leave that open means I need to leave my Trading PC on, which I don't like doing. Geez! Cannot believe Alveo's servers cannot handle this simple task ... It's 2019 not 1997. Sigh


You can get a vps and leave it open on a virtual machine 24/7. If you get the right app, it opens you up for mobile trading. They sell one here for $20/month I think, but there are plenty of options. Some of them are free even.


I have the problem of not closing orders also, the candle will be halfway through the TP line, I have had to exit manually. I live in the sticks so I assume it is my internet service?


@tjattoe - Are you talking about your TP Orders? It should not have anything to do with your Internet Service as those orders are on the Server elsewhere. I just think the Alveo Platform's servers or whoever their LP is ... has a terrible filling brokerage.


I have also experienced this...what I believe is happening in my case is the simulator doesn't fill the limit orders on buys until the ask comes down to the order. I assume it's also true (but the opposite) for sells, that the bid needs to trade up to the order. Of course, this is pretty unrealistic and you would have a much easier time getting filled in real trading. The situation you show in your screen shot seems extreme and I'm not sure what's going on there.

As an aside I have traded stocks and futures for many years and I don't understand why the chart only prints the orders on the bid. Can anyone explain this? Is it just Apiary or is all forex trading done this way?