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Did Not Get Filled at Take Profit lastnight.

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Did Not Get Filled at Take Profit lastnight.

I went short yesterday during late NY hours on CAD/CHY. Filled two trades at .73644 for short.

Trade Time on Alveo was 7:20 PM which is about 3:20 PM EST.

I had a Profit target at .73284 for about 36 Pips. 

Roughly 5 hours later, it dropped hard and went to .73158 which is clearly 12 pips beyond my Target. ... and yet my Take Profit order is still there.

Not sure what happened. Why didn't it fill? It is a Sim account but still...


Fri, 08/09/2019 - 12:22pm

Spread probably got too wide


XRP, was Alveo open & online at the time?


No, probably not but that should not matter. The Orders need to be on the server, so having Alveo open or not should not matter.

BTW, I just found 3 more Pending Limit Orders that did NOT get filled but should have.

Tired of this so-called BS Institutional Data Feed!


I just noticed the same thing for me. Had a TP setup and then had to close the laptop and Alveo to go back to work and when I opened it up this evening, I noticed that the candles had gone WAY above my TP and they were still open. This happened once before. Then I have other postions opened that took the TP and SL correctly and happened that way I have them set up. Hate to think that I need to have the laptop open all the time since I am using my phone as a hotspot and dont want to keep the connection active all the time. Uses up my tethering bandwidth.
Any thoughts/suggestions?


Same thing happened to me today. TP did not hit and SL did not hit either on a few of my trades. How are we supposed to be profitable when the software doesn't do it's job? It's hard enough anyway.


At 4:45 pm EST. today at New York close the spread on my GBP/NZD positions jumped to 23.5 pips. Extremely low volume at market close increased the spread tremendously. In your case you checked your trade 5 hours later you were still in very low trading volume so you spread was still very large. So your TP didn’t exit the position. That’s my theory.

When the market opens Sunday night my GBPNZD position will probably be under the large spread until volume increases and lowers the spread. Then I will ride the trend or close them at a loss. I try to have all positions closed by noon EST daily. However work prevented that today. So I got caught in a low volume high spread period so I left them open.

Good Fortune to You



I think its quite likely you need to keep the laptop on to get filled. Say that only based on what others have said on forums.


I am getting the same issue however I am on a simulated account. If this is happening on a Live account that is a huge issue for me. I should be able to set a stop loss; close Alveo and have the stop loss executed whether I am online or not.