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I am in Silver II, so to get my 50 pips in one trade I decided to trade this morning‘s news, so I set my Stop Loss at 10 pips and was (still am) in shock when I saw that I lost 2 trades with. 22 and 21 pip loss.

I wonder if using VPS would have prevented such slippage?

Fri, 10/13/2017 - 10:10am

I had the same trouble before someone was kind enough to tell me to set up one buy trade and one sell trade with no limits....they wlll wash each other out, but you will achieve what you need.....and it may run overnight! Good luck! You can do it!


It is hard to get 50 pips and aim for the fence when someone keeps moving the fence. Long term trading is probably the best solution with a small lot size.


Thanks for the comments Art and 3mshapiro.....Much appreciated!

My disappointment is that I set my SL at 10 but I guess since it moved so quickly it did my SL above 20 pips......So, as you know if you have a trade go against you more than 20 pips, it sets you back a month.........

So, as I edited my first post, I wonder if using VPS would have prevented such a slippage?

Chuck B


The B/A spread generally WIDENS [during a news announcement] for currencies associated w/ the announcement.

So if the B/A spread WIDENS - even only momentarily - to your S. Loss size or greater, you will be IMMEDIATELY "stopped out."
[I found this out early on when I started trading the news ca Sept 2014 using MT4 on Apiary.]

Although this is different from "slippage" I wanted to mention it for those traders who may not be aware of this.

- Chuck B


Thanks Chuck B...

What is a 'B/A spread'?

So, you have been with AF for a long time. I think that is pretty cool:)

Thanks so much for your input!


I did that one first when I was in silver II.
I also put it in a long term trade with a large stoploss, small lotsize and no tp

Chuck B

YW, Have_ Forex _ Will ... :-)

B/A spread = "bid-ask" spread.

And as you know, Apiary has VERY good spreads under "normal" times = no news events or other "happenings" in the US and/or other parts of the world that might lead to increased volatility and potentially wider spreads.

- Chuck B