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I've heard there are many things in life that are simple but not easy. For example, losing weight is as simple as consuming fewer calories than you burn. However, this requires you to follow that rule no matter how tasty that glazed doughnut might be. On the same note being a profitable trader only requires you to win more than you lose.  My take is that discipline is the key to being successful in any arena. I’ve been meditating in order to increase focus and discipline.  I was wondering what the larger group does to maintain focus?

Sat, 01/19/2019 - 7:54pm

had a go at answering this on another forum in some detail.

atomic habits is a good book to develop automatic behaviours to putting the work in.

therafter it's about the mindset to take small steps in the right direction and let the end goal take care of itself.

honesty with oneself is going to be important


summing it up, take responsibility


marry the process, and divorce the results