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Drawing Tools malfunction

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Drawing Tools malfunction

I have been trying to place shapes and objects on my charts to help with analysis.

I have found all default colors set to invisible.  I have attached a screenshot of a chart with a Fib and a consolidation rectangle placed.

Even though I made the rectangle "RED" be editing the retangle after placing it, it still doesn't show up on the chart.

I placed a FIB on the chart and it showed up but as soon as I put the cursor on the chart all the FIB lines went blank.

I have also clicked on several of the object drawing tools multiple time but was unable to get the placements on my charts.  When I opened the chart objects list, I find several iterations of objects that are not on the chart.  They all show up in "invisible" color.

I've looked over the editing tools but cannot find where the tools "default color" can be set to something visible.  Do you know where it is?

Do you know how to get the objects to re-appear and remain on the charts "visible" in the colors I assign when I edit them to red, blue, green, etc?

drawiing tools.PNG26.2 KB
Tue, 08/04/2015 - 6:05pm

@marion - I've looked over the editing tools but cannot find where the tools "default color" can be set to something visible. Do you know where it is?

Default Chart Object Color is under Template Settings... shortcut is F9...


@marion - there was a bug in Alveo that would make an object invisible if you try to change its colour. Not sure if it is fixed in current version. And it wasn't always repeatable.


Go to the "Chart" tab and at the bottom you will see 'template settings'. You can select all your chart/object colours there.


Right click chart / template settings at bottom /default chart object color at bottom select your color and save. at this point all chart objects will have a default color and then resave your template or you will have to do it each time. Then you can load the template to any chart that you want it on and then finally once all charts are the way you want them resave your workspace. It can be a lot of work if you have a lot of templates and workspaces.


There is probably a way to do a text search and replace on the XML files for all templates in a folder.