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DXY and EUR USD correlation

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DXY and EUR USD correlation

The EURUSD pair holds an almost mirror inverse correlation. and see for the year.

Go a week to ten days back to find the current correlation.

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 9:14am

99% negative correlation.

eurusddxyinversecorrelationtv.png eurusddxy.png

Please note that on days where the market is in chaos this pair can follow each other instead of doing the opposite.

Fit that knowledge to adjust your strategy accordingly instead of trading in the exact way.


Aaron, Thx for sharing I would have preferred you put this in the trading DXY thread... IE subject matter.

this price diversion happens frequently with any of the USD crosses when DXY is in conflict, like the last two weeks.
The website you used is very interesting, however, I can't seem to find the charting on it.
and while it does have the forex pairs available for the comparisons I can't find a selection to focus on forex.


Aaron, on your subject of the EURUSD not maintaining its inverse correlation to DXY this last week and in particular the last few days especially today the EURUSD along with its ebb and flow is tending to follow the bullish DXY. Both are week movements and of course today we can blame the lack of volatility on the holiday but they are both steadily slowly sloping upwards.

Any information on your chart shared above?