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ECB is Euro's Next Risk


ECB is Euro's Next Risk

This week will be dominated by the European Central Bank’s Interest Rate Decision on Thursday, December 8 at 12.45 (GMT).

As far as the ECB rate meeting goes consensus expectations are for it to extend its QE programme for another 6 months.

If this not forthcoming, however, that will send the Euro higher. Likewise if any hint of tapering next year is mentioned the Euro will strengthen.

Tue, 12/06/2016 - 12:07am

We will half to watch out for that one. We, the U S has employment at the same time. Between the two, that should move the markets.

Mike Brown

I will be standing aside and just watching. Should be very interesting


Yeah, thanks for the news. EUR/.USB is ve y volatile! Not checking the news before trading can put you in a hole. I am starting to recover.