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Economic news

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Economic news

If the economic news is good or bad, which way does the pair go?  Does it even matter?  Plan a breakout from both sides?

Tue, 02/26/2019 - 11:15pm

Hi rdelfavero. I also use good trading exit strategy so I can take profit as much as I can but have a stop loss for a hard stop. Got the idea from the classes were took some time ago.


Check out this thread for a ton of useful information and ways to trade the news:


News can be fun but unpredictable. have to set trades like your setting up for a break out.


Be careful of trying to trade news. It is best to either stand aside, reduce positions and/or tighten stops.
It is important to understand that any news is and will be interpreted different by everyone trading that pair and also by those not trading but may have a reason to trade the pair. It is also important to know that currencies, like stocks and options, can be and are manipulated by major players like the major banks with sometimes billions of $ to exchange. That will move the market. News is is sometimes just an excuse to do a large exchange, in either direction. There is no way of knowing which direction.