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Emotitage Trades

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Emotitage Trades

I'm in silver 2 and one of my tasks is "Emotitage 10 trades". How do I accomplish this task? The question mark icon doesn't give much information. Thank you :)

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 9:30am

When you place a trade, if you are using the dialog box, there are little emojis at the bottom. Just select the one that describes your emotion when making that trade.

If you use one-click trading, you can also click the order and either select "Modify Order" or type Alt+e on the keyboard to open the modify order dialog. You can select the emoji from there.

You must do it while the trade is being opened or while it is open. If you try to add them after they are closed, it won't work.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, that really helps!


Just wait. Each Level after Silver II has a requirement for 25 Emotitags


This helps. I was just looking at a list of my trades on my account trying to figure out how to do it. Going to be a challenge to tag while trading live. I mostly Wobble and, if you Wobble you know, it can move really fast sometimes.


Emotitage does slow down putting on a trade. I am glad when I get the required number of trades. I am in Gold 1. Just started. My first project is to get through emotitage 25 trades. Be patient in doing the required work, get through it as quick as possible and then go on to rest of requirements. I only had 4 losses in first 23 trades.


EMO TAg, not necessarily so, you can place the trade, then modify and click on the desired EMO, then save.


I agree, Rookie. Place the trade and then modify the order to add the emoticon.