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What do we think about the EUR USD is the short coming to a end for a reversal

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 3:59am

IMO I'm not sure about that if you look at price action over the past couple of years on the weekly chart you can see it has been much lower and is coming down from a high period back into a mid range area. but I reckon it's definitely at a support level and there's likely to be some sort of pullback. Maybe worth looking for a small trade on a shorter timeframe? I'm not too confident at predicting longer term moves at the moment so my focus is on short term stuff.


The DXY is at 100% Buy and a +4.1 Alpha
The EURUSD is 100% sell and a -4.26 Alph
and currently in a bearish sideways channel with a very small spread.
I suspect they will start a reversal later today back to 4% weighted alpha and continue thru the big News on Friday.

Also bought the EURUSD and GBPUSD are just about ready to emerge from a Bolinger Band squeeze!


Yup did you catch the 20 PIP move in the Bollinger Bands Squeeze Bull Breakout?

And it became a 50 Pip Break out with Red News in 15 minutes, this should be interesting!

EURUSD Bands Squeeze Breakout.JPG

I reached my target this morning so turned off and just re-opened. Nice little turn just as you predicted!


Thx John but no crystal ball just read the chart. so now its retraced 25 pips and doing a 10 pips more or less sideways wobble.