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The Euro


The Euro


My name is Don Harris, I am new to the program and would like to learn how to be a successful trader.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Don Harris

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 1:56pm

Welcome Don,

All the best for your journey.



Welcome Don! Be sure to use this forum to learn the tips and tricks from all the members of the beehive. Best wishes on your journey.


Welcome Don!


Welcome to the hive
I wish you the best


Don be patient and don't get to frustrated. Some tasks can be a real nuisance. Just hang in there. It's a lot to learn and really develop to what your styles will be. I have a fun time. I've probably placed over 2000 + trades playing around even when it's not required i really like to feel things out. Some times you'll be like what the hey. It's just not my day. Take it as a hint and just walk away for a while and try again. I don't get it but sometimes VB persistence can be a real pain. Lol


welcome don!


Welcome , I found if iI take my time to learn a strategy it will work on most levels from bronze through silver III.