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Great early morning action on the pair EUR/USD. Must be some kind of news going on as Europe and USD are moving  bull market. Nice to see an early action out of the charts. Enjoy the pips.


Tue, 01/24/2017 - 9:33am

I Try to take as many trades as possible, Simultaneously look at 1,5,15 & 60 Minutes chart to look at the overall position of the market. I also keep an eye on RSI & 200 M/A. which in my opinion gives the the opportunity to make 100+ pips a day.
Whenever I look at EUR/USD I also make sure its doing the opposit of USD/JPY.


I find that the London open set up is a bit tricky or am I not reading it correctly? Sometimes it takes out both my buy and sell stops. Other times it does not hit either of them. Is it just me or others have had that happen to them? Interesting!

Mike Smith

BEELINE has made me orthodox, methodical, and pragmatic from my wild days of hopping to strategies and trading chaotically.

I can't thank them enough.

And the news just keeps getting better. I heard Todd say in a video trading .1% is better than trading 1%. That's good. Now I know the balance:drawdown for the hedge fund I designed.

Mike Heff

London opening, 7 AM is when the algo trading machines start & 8AM is when the stock markets open. Both can be tricky but you can generally make a few points on them by following the direction & having a tight stop, as when they reverse they tend to move quickly.
Hourly the Euro seems to go bid quite often on nothing it seems, must be something in the machine's algo's doing it, again you can make a few points but have a tight stop & beware the reversal, espically if the move has been against what the bigger move on long term charts is.


I think it is all about what you are trading. If you are a daily trader and identify an opportunity, it can start with some losses and then have some or big greens. I try to follow the higher timeframe and find triggers. Of course, news can have impacts but you need to adjust your position. This what I learned from my trading during London Session as it is in my geographical area.


Looks like a 3 bar Reversal is about to set up:

EURUSD 749am 4-6.png

Good call.

3-bar Reversal.jpg

Thanks for the heads up rookie, I usually trade the eur/usd right at the open of the US market, have had really good luck doing that

Bill Stearns

major news came out today,it's non-farm friday !
hence the spike on the EUR/USD :)


reggy yes it did I watched it with Jeff's class, it was such a nice 3bar I just had to share it.

Kenny, I do also but usually wait an hour or so because I'm not a scalper per say.

Bill Stearns

I'm expecting a drop now rookie


I'm done for the day, quitting while I'm ahead... and feeling good

Rrggy, could be for a bit then maybe swing up for a few hours then down overall from D1 out...

Mike Smith

On H1 using BB strategy I'm testing (I modified it), I'm thinking S/L 1.2295 T/P 1: 1.2255 Exit: (waiting for reversal pattern)


the CCI on the D1 chart would agree with that but not most of the other time frames.


EURUSD 8:04 PM CST 2H chart
Divergence is occuring.
What will happen....?

EURUSD 804pm CST 4-9.png

I need EURUSD to drop about 20 pips.


EURUSD 2am CST 2H chart

David, I don't see any indication that it will complete its larger trapezoid pattern with a downward push. and still forecasts a bull market.
Looking at my chart I point out a few divergences that preceded each decent size PC swing. I do not see one for this PC yet.
Sooo my guess is when the pair breaks out of its current channel it will go bullish.



It finally dropped back to the daily pivot. Just a took it time. I closed my trades at that point. Definitely bullish on this pair now. I've got some trades open for the R1 1.2348.

EU 410.2018.JPG

David what charting service are you using?


I use Tradingview to get my pivots. Then I have to manually create them on the Alveo chart. .. That early trade worked out.

EU 4.10.2018a.JPG

Rookie, these are great calls. More closely I should follow your posts!

After reading through some of what you recommended on CCI, I'm starting to catch on...

If by divergence you mean the CCI shows a lower high for the red angle down line you've drawn, while price is rising portends another spike higher, then I understand what you were saying here?




I get lucky once in a while yes the lines make a < in opposite directions and then there is the reverse divergent which is much harder to catch >.


thx david, what is the tradingview program called that your are using for the S&R lines.


Rookie, is this right?

So divergence says up from here...

I know you don't trade the 5M, so I'll look for same on 1H or 4H.



Rookie BCS with CCI.PNG

you got the divergence correct!

Brain how did you change the color of the drawing tool?


Yes, it looks good on a 5M, too!

Thanks, my friend, for sharing.


Rookie BCS with CCI yes good for 14+ pips.PNG

EURUSD D7 9:30AM CST 4/10 Divergent SMA30
I Took four sells on this. Maybe not so smart in G2, time will tell.

Brian how did you change the color of the drawing tool or what tool are you using??

EURUSD D7 930amCST 4-10.png

Double click any line and there's a color setting. Click that to get a color palette. Also, I like to make my lines thicker. Green for up...


ok ty


I demonstrated with a video - check your messages.

Link to that video: 2018/04/10 - 8:05am

My pleasure. I'm always happy to help people who help people.



YES CCI a good reason to trade on the 1H.PNG



This changes everything! I may be getting out of Gold I soon...

Thanks, again, Rookie for showing me this one.
I'll keep you posted on my results.



Very good, welcome, just trying to help myself as well but as yet having less success...


I'm going to compare this - Todd's Scalping HMA MACD strategy 60 minutes on USDJPY - to see if CCI works on a 1M chart, too...

Todds Scalping HMA MACD strategy 60 minutes on USDJPY.PNG

Same chart and time frame - CCI on USDJPY 1M chart to compare with HMA MACD - see image. I've tried to include same levels and chart objects, but things move quickly on the 1M time frame...

CCI on USDJPY 1M chart to compare with HMA MACD.PNG

Good on you Brian, did you play the long signal after that?


Seems I'm better at making images and doing the analysis than I've ever been at trading!

With my Gold I finally at positive expectancy by 0.03, I'm reluctant to trade my live account...

I'll be practicing and studying hard on the CCI convergence indications this week.
And, I'm checking with support to see if I need to make some more winning trades to get to the next Gold level.


expectancy positive by point zero 3.PNG

Kewl Beans Brain, you keep this up and you'll bw G3 before I'm out of G2..


For anyone else following this thread:

I've updated an earlier post with a link to a video on formatting chart objects with color and thickness.

To save you looking for that, here it is:

2018/04/10 - 8:05am



After all of my drawings and charts and posting, I put in s few trades on XAU on a SIM account (of course) and these are the results.

I'm still wondering if I can shake my fear long enough to trade like this on my Live Gold account... we'll see.

Gold trades After CCI Charts.PNG
Gold trades After CCI Charts.xlsx 0 bytes

Guess I'm in Gold I jail for a while....

Need some awesome good high-pip live trades to dig me out of this hole.

Posting the trades on XAU that would have helped my condition!

My 30-day stats.PNG 1H chart for one hour of breakfast time.PNG

Is this a continuation pattern on CCI?

CCI continuation pattern.PNG

I think I'm getting it - maybe another dozen charts and I'll be ready...

Made this chart image while in Brian Lloyd's "How to improve your trading" class today.

Trade Better with Brian Lloyd GBPAUD pair for demo.PNG

EURUSD D1 4:30pm CST,
Whats it gone do bad boy, bad boy.... it can only go up, down or sideways...
it is in a 200 pip wide channel and needs to breakout, the odds have it in favor of the long extended pole that brought it to be continued. My nifty-ifty momentum spreadsheet confirms.
10 Tuesday Long 4xSB 180,000 Wbuy 32% 39.35 Weak Strengthening
Time will Tell.

EURUSD 430pm cst D1.png

EURUSD 4/10/2018 4 pm Pivots


EU 4.10.2018b.JPG


I think you can see my chart here.


Yes I could see them all, nice charts, while they are different time frames and you long chart shows the bullish momentum much clearer!

I went back Oando and check the 4H chart except for my window is squished somewhat they sure look the same to me.


I may not be bullish if price closes below daily pivot. That would also put it below the trend line.


I see ty, I'm not so good at reading between the lines... I simply use a SMA fo that.


Good for 12-18 pips to the seller of any of the next three 15M bars.

Adding to my CCI study here...

Thanks for sharing.


CCI Study divergence on 15M EURUSD.PNG

EURUSD 4:50 am CST D7 chart dirvenget.
While the PA is flat the CCI is clearly and strongly showing a bear signal.
Leaving to way for a big break out but without a defined direction.

EURUSD 448am cst 4-12 D7.png

Today during trading room, I call this the Shawn influence;

Won Lost Total
Trades 19 1 20
Profit* $6 $0 $5
Pips 40.3 -4.2 36.1
Average Position Size 0.02 lots
Average Trade Length 5m 49s
Average win* $0.34
Average loss* $-0.92
Expectancy* $0.28


Nice! I was coining a new term - FISC - Faith in Shawn's Calls - FYI.

I did not catch all of this move on the EURUSD, but scalped a few pips.
Then I was called away by the Bankers Close action on Nate's USDCHF pair.

See images for ideas.

Thanks, Rookie, for the CCI study.

As much as I learn in the LTR, I wish they had that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I could double my progress!

Thanks to Shawn and Nate for providing great demos.


BCS Today on USDCHF.PNG CCI Study in live trading room.PNG

Experiment on profits versus position size...

20180412 Experiment in Profit Taking.xlsx 28.88 KB

@Brian, great lesson! be warned the inverse is also true!


I'll be stuck here until I get some things right....
86 winners needed - help from all sources welcome!
Average win is improving, need to hold those winners longer as always.

Rolling 30-day Risk Assessment

Wins vs Losses
1396 : 1482
Avg Win vs Avg Loss*
$0.46 : $-1.18


I know the EUR/USD pair is very popular but I have a difficult time trading this pair longer than 5 minutes. It's such a roller coaster. Any tips on how to trade this pair for a gain of 50 pips or more?


Jeremy, I trade mostly on the 5 or 15 M charts with scaling. I'll use the 1H even D1 at the beginning of the London/NY open after they settle a bit. Basically if the Time cycle is less than 1-2 hours and of course the Price cycle is in a good position and my ATR says there are enough pips. Even when I trade the 5M I'll use the ATR from the 1H or even D1.

Ha in my group Rex asked how I take a trade, my reply was simple, I hit the enter button...


Jeremy, I think one should always check economic calendar for events that will move the markets, such as monetary policy changes, consumer confidence, job report, and changing bank rates.

The next meeting affecting the Euro will happen Tuesday 8:30 GMT, currently the EUR/USD has been range bound as described in the H1 chart below showing the last 5 days of trade "set and forget day trades". Buy @ support as shown and selling @ resistance as shown.

Capture 113 EUR Range Bound.PNG

good info!


Jeremy, Eur/usd has been sideways all year so far and the ranges are getting smaller. With this chart your more likely to make pips buying the low prices and selling at the highs. If market is in the middle of the range it can be rough getting 50 or so pips as you have found out.


Da wedge > looks like a few days of reducing spread

EURUSD 4H 3:15 CST 4-17

EURUSD 315pm CST 4-17.png