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The EUR/USD is having a downward movement

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 1:04am

Now is going sideways, probably will break out upward ??


4H and 1 day charts seem to be lookin like a bottom is forming?


Accumulation for a massive instituional order like this takes just a while - then hit the stops low to shake out weak long holders and take off for 1.35,not sure how deep the stophunt will have to move for the marketmaker to have enough retail losers(liquidity) - it could even fill that weekly gap @ 1.07500 although it is only about 43 pips.but it will be when everybody thinks they now have to sell the euro....
Remember what "talkinghead Trump" was told to say @ 2017 Low......???? Make america great great great again - strong dollar bla bla bla....and what happend - a move to 1.25 - when everybody was induced to buy $ .....same principle everytime....look @ the market content and go against the obvious because the obvious is always a TrapSetUp .....


I love all of the trades but with eur/usd it is kind of on the same lines thru the day but we do have times it amazes us with a big breakout. I like that. but I was gone a while so just getting back lets see. thanks everyone and any pointers or help will be much appriciated thanks.