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I would like to know about this 2 pairs

Sat, 04/20/2019 - 11:58pm

OK guys, to make good on my last bad call where I gave any faith to cmegroup Futures, I am gonna use my own proprietary call out method here and update a new number. As usual, don't ask for my strategy, but you can scale in if the price drops the other way. I suggest use 1 ADR step size.

Current T/P = EURUSD 1.125 and it is sliding down. I will update tomorrow.

Does anybody know where I can get a chart with +100,000 tick history on M1?


Thomson Reuters Tick History
Thomson Reuters Tick History (TRTH) is an Internet-hosted product on the DataScope Select platform that provides a REST API for unparalleled access to historical high frequency data across global asset classes dating to 1996.

Effective June 29, 2018, Tick History v1 and the legacy SOAP API were no longer available or supported. Old applications must be migrated to Tick History v2 and the REST API. For questions, please contact your Refinitiv Account Team.

Thomson Reuters Tick History is a historical market data service, offering global intra-day Time and Sales, Quotes, and Market Depth content dating back to January 1996 for an extensive range of equities, indices, foreign exchange, money, fixed income, and derivatives instruments. Designed for customers requiring content to back-test automated and programmatic (algorithmic) trading models and perform historical quantitative research, as well as clients with compliance or transaction cost analysis needs.

Key customer benefits:

Unique breadth and depth of coverage across all asset classes and regions since 1996.
A single logical format from a single source, saving time and money.
Hosted service, no installation required.
Data available two hours after the major markets close.
Easy integration with your services.
The Tick History API is available to all Tick History clients at no additional cost.


"this 2 pairs" aswilcoin, eurusd is one pair...

- eur is the base currency
- usd is the quote currency

what exactly do you want to know about eurusd?


DRCTN, so, you're wanting a week, or two of tick data? ...what pair?

also, i'm confused, you're a do you not have access to such data?




burton brokers are not gods. How would I have all that data just because I was a broker.


As you see EURUSD has continued to decline. This doesn't change the T/P. It still remains at 1.125. You just scale in every 1 ADR, or what I did is have an automatic grid at 50 pips, Almost like ADR anyway. So I have one new buy at 1.12, etc.

This is similar to Triguylm1 strategy where he uses the midpoint for the last month range as a T/P.
Instead of linear regression channel on one month range, I am using 28,800 periods simple moving average on M1 chart.
But after review of 20 sma on D1 chart (equal to M1 28,8000) there are clear but rare trends that can't be manipulated.


drctn, when you say "broker", does that mean you have an ibc agreement? ...seems like i'm not understanding.

when i think of brokers, fxcm, oanda, etc...they have access to all of the, why wouldn't i think you, as a broker, would have the same level of access.

not really sure about the "god" comment.


Ok burton let me put a shoe in your mouth. Do you think Alveo is a broker? If yes, why is there only 2500 data points on the chart?


From Kathy Lein of

How EU Elections Could Impact EURO

Daily FX Market Roundup May 22, 2019

Keep an eye on EURO because there could be big moves in the currency over the next few days. European elections kick off on Thursday and the rising power of a nationalist euro-skeptic movement has many investors worried that populist parties could make strong headway. Elections will be held in 28 countries across the European Union for seats in the 751-member European Parliament. This Parliament will make crucial decisions for the Union over the next 5 years that will include border control, national autonomy and Britain's relationship with the EU. This is the world's second largest democratic vote, after India's general election and while turnout in past years tend to be low, the races are tight and we could see greater than usual participation.

By Sunday, we should know whether anti-EU parties gained enough support to block rather than just slow or impede legislative business. The results could also have a significant impact on upcoming elections in Italy. Rome believes that they should be allowed to let their fiscal deficit rise above the commission's limit and if anti-EU parties see strong support, they could feel empowered to take a more confrontational approach.

While it is widely believed that anti-EU sentiment will be negative for the euro, populism hasn't necessarily been negative for currencies. Just take a look at US and Australia - protectionist policies helped rather than hurt the greenback while the Australian dollar surged following this weekend's surprise victory by Prime Minister Morrison. Populism is spreading and it hasn't been crushing for any of these currencies.

Does that mean the euro will rise if there's strong support for Eurosceptic or anti-European groups? It is hard to say but what's clear is that we can't assume that their victory will be negative for the currency. The election results will come slowly, so breakouts could be limited until Sunday when there could be a gap open. Thursday's Eurozone PMI reports are important but investors have discounted weaker Eurozone growth so softer numbers may not have much impact on the currency. However if the data improves like economists anticipate, the deeply oversold currency could be vulnerable to a short squeeze or relief rally. Technically, EUR/USD is in a downtrend and that won't change until the pair closes firmly above 1.1250.


From Kathy Lein of

Daily FX Market Roundup May 23, 2019

For the lack of major US economic reports, it was a very active day in the forex market. The greenback, which traded well against euro, Australian dollar and other currencies prior to the NY open u-turned and ended the day lower against all of the major currencies. USD/JPY was hit the hardest by trade war fears, risk aversion and weaker new home sales. Although stocks initially shrugged off the deterioration in Sino-US relations, investors are finally recognizing the potential impact of a prolonged trade war. With Chinese President Xi warning about a "new long March and "self-reliance," there will be no quick solutions. By evoking a term that relates to Mao Zedong's strategic retreat in 1934, China is saying they will not back down easily and are prepared to make the sacrifices needed to preserve their industries for the years ahead. If China refuses to cooperate, President Trump could push for new tariffs on USD$300B of Chinese goods. The US may not be as intensely affected as other parts of the world, but there's no doubt that US companies and consumers will feel the pain through higher prices and lower demand. Wall Street is finally recognizing the strong possibility of weaker earnings in the second half of the year so USD/JPY, which has broken below 110, could fall below 109.

Euro on the other hand ended the day higher after dropping to a fresh monthly low against the US dollar. This is a dramatic recovery fueled by pressure on the US dollar and profit taking right at the April lows. The latest economic reports were weaker than expected with service and manufacturing slowing in Germany and the Eurozone. The German IFO report also declined with the business climate index falling to its lowest level since 2014. The trade war weighed heavily on business sentiment and according to IFO President Fuest, "there is reason to worry, particularly about the manufacturing index." Markit Economics also noted "subdued business growth amid stagnant demand." The euro fell in response but liquidation of US dollars reversed the slide during the NY session. Meanwhile European elections are underway across the region with results expected over the weekend.