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EURUSD Daily Elliott Wave Count

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EURUSD Daily Elliott Wave Count

I believe the EURUSD has completed a 3rd wave down and is working on a 4th wave correction up toward the 38.2% retrace at 1.20327. When the 4th wave is complete we should see a move down to the Nov 2017 lows at 1.5540.

Sat, 05/12/2018 - 9:42am

The EURUSD Daily Chart

EURUSD - Daily Bearishii - May-12 0842 AM (1 day).png

CW thanks for sharing

you have spend a longtime learning and working in this EW it shows.

great way to chart and predict price moves.

you are at a funded level, keep doing great on your climb to the highs.



Thank You Orock Yes it has been many years of of struggles and learning but it gets better each day. Just combine Elliott Wave with price action and price patterns and things get easier.


Agree, market is in weakness. The size of the rebound (if any) will be telling.


the success you share

tells me how possible it is to reach it.

time must be put in to go in the right direction.

thanks again.



Is it a deja vu for the EURO:


Looks great for me! thx


@CurrencyWaves....I too like EW. Seems we are done with the iv now.


@deeptijadli14 You were correct. I was looking for one more leg up but didnt get it...I think the downside is limited with a 5=1 target of 1.1734 and a 61.8 target of 1.15922.

To get the 1.15922 we would probably need a wave 2 bounce before getting there.

EURUSD - Daily Bearishii - May-16 0811 AM (1 day).png

Nice bounce off the 5=1 target plus the Dec 2017 lows. Looking for a move back up to 1.2000 as long as today's lows hold.

EURUSD - HA - May-21 1927 PM (4 hour).png

Interesting Elliot Waves are being mentioned here. I have come across them outside Apiary but not within Apiary yet. Interesting you funded guys respect Elliot Waves! I find it almost impossible to recognise the EWs on any given chart. But maybe that's because I tend to look at M1 charts where there's too much noise? Any further comments from you Gold guys?


Wedging Lower for a possible Ending Diagonal. Should see the end of wave iii here and a bounce for wave iv over the next week. Resistance at 1.1833 and 1.2000.

@tubamirabilis I do use a 1 mn for EW everyday to zone in on what I think is the top or bottom and pin point my entrys and exits.

EURUSD - HA - May-25 0311 AM (4 hour).png

Definitely some funky thing with fib rates but I prefer it raw to elliott count. I am learning the fibs from Rex's calendar discussions. Attached is crazy line up with May 24 high, May 23 low for related to today.

Fib arc + time

2018-05-25 21_53_42-2100532946_ JAFX-Demo3 - Demo Account - [EURUSD,M5].png

We did turn down from 14 May, as I had posted above....:)


Here are my counts for EURUSD.....


EU hot going down on the golden number right now, all TF.

2018-05-28 18_07_26-Clipboard.png

I only use EUR/USD because of spread


Elliott Wave is interesting, will be watching


I have seen a couple of people talk about EW. Don't really understand how it works. Do you know a place or video that explains how it works. May help me to enter or exit future trades.


Forexerlc, you can find in Amazon "Elliott Wave Principle" from Robert Pretcher, a good reference of knowledge about this topic.
Have a nice weekend!