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EUR/USD Most Popular Pair

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EUR/USD Most Popular Pair

By a landslide the EUR/USD won's poll as favorite pair.  It is mine because of liquidity provides "smooth" moves and with European open it fits well into my schedule of getting up early to trade before regular employment.  I'm curious what other's reasons for it being their favorite are?

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 4:46pm

EUR/USD popularity speaks for itself. Until the U.S.A. and Eurozone are less important players in the world. Which is never going to happen according to them. I just look for 'High volatility' time on the economic calendar.


the EUR makes up the largest percentage of the dollar index which makes it more popular


This is definitely a favorite pair to trade. Unfortunately for right now, at the times I am able to trade ( after 4pm ), it is very consolidated and hard for short term success.


Small spread, more predictable according to economical fundamental, ie interest rate...