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EUR/USD Trading Strategy for 50 Pips

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EUR/USD Trading Strategy for 50 Pips

Trading Strategy found on Youtube thought I give it a try
Place BUY or Sell trade at 7am GMT [or 12am PST] on UK session
R/S = Resistance/Support Use h1 chart
NO indicators, TS= "ON"

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 11:43pm

nice and simple...worth taking a look at...thx


Simple and sweet! Will have to check it out. Thanks wilhsware!

Bryan B

Will give it a try,thanks for sharing!


Thank you, Do you have the You tube link?


Hey traders!

Here is yesterday's FOMC announcement:

Hope it helps!


My FOMC trades attached, while not Shawn by any means or stretch of the imagination.

News Hits.PNG

Hi Rookie, glad to see your doing well . God bless


@tstruble236, TYVM


Almost thought you meant the EUR/USD but then I saw the UK session. One of my favorite moves with the pound. Good luck going forward.


Thanks I will take a look and see how it goes.


Thank you. I too will try this for my 50 pip Trade. Can anyone tell me what TS stands for?? I am assuming it is in The Trade History ? I think I always delete that column because I didn't know what it is!


The best trades are all about being there and seeing the signal form on the correct time frame. This method may help with the not having to be there. Only problem may be getting whipsawed with small losses.Simple enough process. Good trading.


Hello Pjj911jj TS is Trailing Stop, check it out in the glossary, happy trading