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Expansion and contraction discussion

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Expansion and contraction discussion

I have just watched the expansion and contraction video and have some questions for those of you who have already utilized this knowledge. First, how often does the trend seem to occur? Second, has it mostly worked in your favor or not? I'd also like to hear any other thoughts on the topic; thank you.

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 7:42pm

please also watch the video on bollinger bands which will help you a lot.

The expansion mostly works for me, however, i need to be aware of false breakouts. not all expansion will lead the price in a direction. i also suggest for that, one has to let the candle close and monitor the movement before trading !

contraction will work in most cases but sometimes, there is another expansion before getting out of trade, which can be dangerous, so one has to know when to get out. hope this helps.


Thank you, those seem like good aspects to be aware of. Is there a way to make it automatically buy/sell when it reaches a certain point that I set? If so, please tell me how.