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I am new to ApiaryFund since yesterday. I have already developed an algorithm on EUR/USD. How do I go about to write the code?

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:12am

Hi gupreuss,
Welcome aboard.
Search for C# or C Sharp. Use search upper-right corner of this page (or any page :).

Here's a few that I found useful:
Writing code for Alveo together
ALVEO coding Rom - how to create Indicator/EA with C#
Alveo Wiki
Table of Contents
Custom Indicator Shelf

Fun if you like solving mysteries and DIY (do it yourself).

Lots more pages and sources here. I'm new myself, and just started learning C# by studying the examples.


The best example you can get is from dbaechtel on this site. I would strongly suggest contacting him about getting a good example to start with.


I found it very helpful when I wrote my first EA for Apiary, to go through several lessons by Jim Dandy on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search for Jim Dandy MQL4.


The main 'gotcha' is you need to go through a number of the Apiary blogs on those that have programmed for Alveo. There are a number of functions that don't work the same way that they do in MT4/5 and there are a number of functions that there is no equivalent in Alevo, but looking through the blogs you will see some of the work-arounds others have had to try. I have written a few EAs and scripts for myself and a couple of EAs for others. I just wish the "button" function worked....