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Failed to Load

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Failed to Load

I have been unable to connect since I lost 10 pips to slipage about 10:30am CDT.  Have tried to open alveo every 30 minutes but without success.

see screenshot on my error message"



failed to connect.JPG22.21 KB
Tue, 03/15/2016 - 12:55pm

I'm experiencing the same problem too. Hope the technical team can resolve this asap.


i just had this issue. I have open orders that I was just going to set stops on. Oh well, it is just a simulated acct. But I like to see my stats for what I am doing.


Yes, I experienced the same thing after I installed the latest update. Attached is the screen shot I got. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Maggie G

Here is the message I'm getting after downloading the latest update:

C:\Program Files (X86)/Alveo\Alveo.exe
Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

After unstalling and reinstalling - error persists.


Right, agree, the same thing. The new ALVEO version requires a better and a faster internet connection. If it's not so, nothing's gonna load and trading will be disabled. Because of that I had to search for a better wi-fi hotspot, after trying 3 or 4.


Folks I was having issues too. Here's what worked for me

On my PC, I went to Control Panel -> Programs & Features (uninstall a program).
Click on Alveo -> Click the 'Change' button (same button that usually says 'Uninstall').
When the Alveo dialogue box pops up, click 'Repair'.

Done. Log in and trade.


still have same issue here, "Failed to load data feed lists, reason " timeout". it worked one hour ago.


Tom M

I was having "issues" yesterday but after the upgrade tonight all good.
Just finished my second last task for Silver 2.
Now for 5 consecutive profitable days with 5 trades on each day.
Silver 3 is in my sights :-))

Cheers, Tom