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Fast Track To Funding

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Fast Track To Funding

Recently I enrolled to Shawn's group called Fast Track to Funding-No Bee Left Behind, 

Shawn Lucas
The Apiary Fund is modeled after a Beehive where the hive supports the bee and the bee supports the hive.  In this class you’ll enjoy a deep dive into the mind and philosophy of Shawn Lucas, head trader of the Apiary Fund.  You’ll hear first hand Shawn’s unique perspective on a variety of topics including the fund, portfolio management and trading.  Shawn has cultivated a superior read of price action and has an extraordinary knack for making the complex topics simple.  So bring a notebook and be prepared for a wonderful hour full of unique insight with our head trader.

In this class we’ll:

  • Use price and time cycles to better time the market decisions

  • Discover the “Ultimate Trade” using market structure

  • Learn how to optimize position size to both limit risk and maximize profits

    The cost of this select group is only $295 one time. The classes are schedule for Thusday evenings. It is a four week rotating sechedule but you will have access to the previous recorded videos for re-runs.

    If you have to cost od a night out this is a great investment to your knowledge base and for seasond traders alike.

    If you want to learn from the best, here it is. 


Sun, 05/06/2018 - 10:24am

Ok for these folks that can't afford Shawns Fast Track to Funding there is an alternative taught by Todd the host of the one and only world renowned Forex Fanatics. AS I like to call it, The Breakfast Club!

Toddster did a series called Fast Track to Funding that is 73 episodes. No I haven't watched them all.
List below is the starting and ending URls. Jst replace the last two digits to go to session you desire.

Monday, January 5, 2015
8:00pm America/Chicago change time zone
Todd Granthem
This class is designed to help new traders quickly move from Apiary Associates to Apiary Fund Money Managers. Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, this class will help you better understand the Apiary Way to trade. In this class we will be instructed in the Fast Track To Funding process which will help you get started on the path to getting funded quickly. In doing so, we will give you a simple strategy that you can begin to use immediately to trade. If you are looking to get funded quickly, this is the place to start.

Monday, January 5, 2015
Monday, November 28, 2016


oo7 very nice of you to share, thanks


Has anyone signed up for signals. Are the signals helpful and profitable? $67 a month is the aditional cost.



I did sign in to Apiary to learn how to trade.

I personally reject signals, from robots or experienced traders. ( have not tried )

not even for .50 cents per month.

goes against what i'm here for.

what ever it takes, i'll become a good trader or mediocre or really bad on my own trading decisions.

nothing against signal services , just my own way of thinking.

i'm slow learner, i'll go my own pace, is not a competition.

if they make money and I don't, is fine with me.

I respect everyone decisions and choice.


I tired Signals also, nothing against Steve, he is wonderful. Signals just wasn't for me.


Great answer Orock!
Rookie thanks for sharing. Looks great!


Thursday evening I had my first live class with Shawn on the fast track to funding. Truly educational and inspirational.

This class is the first in the rolling four-part series and one I certainly needed to hear and learn. So the very basics about patterns and price action.

In my words... and thoughts of the session:

Trading started in a slice of time a point if you will a candle in ln most of our charts. First one candle then another candle and then another candle as the seconds build minutes the very first time slice. Imagen putting a loaf of bread together slice by slice and building a never-ending loaf of bread.

While building some of the slices are irregularly creating a breakout from the consolidation. But are they buying the bread or selling a slice of the next slice. We will not know that until the next slice of time is completed.
Just now it painted and is completed, and the bears are going south. Just like the Viking that stood watching the camp for many hours (in the 13th warrior) we want confirmation. Fortunately, it's just another slice of time or bread added to the loaf.
The next slice is painted and its upwards the bulls are fighting back!
Next, it's upwards again now we have confirmation of an upward movement. Is this the fabled breakout, the start of a new trend?
Well, it sure could be but we want to confirm the direction waiting for the next slice of bread.
Halalulla, the trumpets are sounding the next slice was upwards as well. That's a three bars confirmation I think I am ready to take a bite of this price action and take a slice of the bread. We have here is the start of a pattern. consolidation and break out.

So when is this breakout a new trend? From another class, we might say 10 candles in a row. What happens if not and it turns to head south? then we call it a pullback or retracement. Which would take us to the thread about three bar reversals.

Now lest take the next leap of fractality. We are on a one hour chart looking for a trade and see what may be a consolidation forming. I don't know about you but I want o trade but I don't have confirmation yet. I know let's look at time slicing and move to the 5-minute chart. Remember a 60-minute slice is made up of 60 slices of one-minute slices thus it takes 12 five minute-slices to make one 60 minute slice/candle. What do we see now on the 5M chart? The last several 5 minute candles were just up and down one or two pips movements forming a consolidation. What do we do with this new conformed knowledge? We do understand the only way we can make any money at this is to wait for a breakout. Darn, which way is PA going to go? We do not know yet because it hasn't happened yet. So we make a note in our journal and wait. Wait for what? a breakout to be confirmed and place a trade.

So what happens in the meantime of the ebb and flow of the PA and the impatient trader placing trades before the PA has matured to a break out is usually called scalping. While scalping can be from any time frame traders mostly refer to taking advantage of a few pips up or down and back again as scalping.

If you were to run a spreadsheet with pivot table to see how many times the same candle appear in a row you may be very surprised at the results. I know I was absolutely amazed. So what trend traders are really looking is when candles string together to make a new trend in PA breaking away from the scalping modality. When that occurs the trader is relatively safe to enter into a trade. A subject for a few other threads.

Sorry traders my dribble might be very inane but all we really have is three very simple movements forming a pattern. A consolidation and an expansion of the bears or bulls. No more and no less. That price action can develop into other patterns which can be dissected because of the fractal nature of charting making a discreet analysis of utmost importance to all traders.

One last comment the ebb and flow on the candles before a breakout makes a channel which can be easily traded both up and down. Again because of the fractal nature of charting this action can easily be plotted given enough data. This is usually called pivot points or support & resistance levels forming the bases of both trends and pull back modalities of trading techniques.

All Consolidations come to an end. What is the best predictor of which way the breakout is going to occur? In the example of say ten or 15 candles with the beginning candles being predominately higher then wobbling downward until the breakout occurs. You could think of this as a pole and flag thus as the pole was heading up to the flag you might be inclined to say the breakout would occur in the direction PA came from or continuing the heading up, I did. But I was wrong. I didn't take into consideration that inside the channel the predominant slop was from higher to lower indicating the breakout would continue in the direction of the slop inside the channel.

Happy pipping to all from the consolidation upward or downward as the pips take you until the next consolidation is forming.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention it sometimes takes patience waiting for the trade to set up. Which is my issue "I want it now" and I think maybe why a lot of us try to be profitable scalpers despite the odds against us and enter a trade at the end or enter in the middle of a trend hitting a reversal or a poor run, by entering late, we have also lost the best momentum and much of the ATR.

Mike Smith

I came on board to Apiaryfund under fast track. Fast track usually means 'short-cut speed'. Must be subliminal programming... :D
I actually enjoy the business classes more. It wakes me up to acknowledge my actual relationship with Apiaryfund.


Mike who teaches this class and how often is it.
Is there any link that discusses the class in greater detail than the price on the upgrade page?
Any more information you would care to share?

Mike Smith

Do you have access to the page? If you go there and tells you upgrade I assume it's blocked. There's only instruction material in it, no live webinars (I think). But tells you how to take care of your taxes and treat your trading like a business, and set it up like a business. I have to say was a surprise to learn Apiaryfund is my client, not I'm their client :D I just wish I had more clients like them, they're very helpful.


Thanks, Mike for the info, yes I do have access to that page.

It will have to wait a month or two or three when I get a little closer to getting a check. This month I went overboard with a new computer system. PC, Monitor, and speakers. Could I have spent less yes, but these selections are as less as I wanted to go?


@rookie check this thread, there's some really good info for starting an LLC


Thx JF, will review again. When I am starting to make a few bucks....))


Thanks Rookie, I'm going to back up and start over. I'll never get out of gold 1 so I'll give this a try. Like Todd said, 1 pair, 1 time frame, 50 SMA,....etc.


Thanks for posting Rookie


TY all



"Thx JF, will review again. When I am starting to make a few bucks"

I very much agree with your answer,

gives your mind needed space to concentrate for your trading, and it will be very important when the beginning levels are passed.

definitely is important to keep in mind for near future as personal/business part of, of it.

Thank you All for the information, will be readily available when the time is right.


THIS info is extraordinary: I read "Shaun Lucas" is dead. Died 2016.

Its now 3 of June 2018. .....Huh...really,

Hey Shaun " are you dead"..... yes or No.....he he he Farrr out.


I have a question Rookie, when is Apiary fund going to hire you so you can work for them? You' re constantly writing in the forums and finding stuff in the library I think even the support staff isn't aware we have??


I'm don't think that will happen, but thanks for the kudos. I don't do this for any recognition but to help other traders and the biofeedback, when you're getting to be an old timer you need all the help you can get. I am currently happy just being funded and the great opportunity I have to be a consistently profitable trader.

As for support, the search system could use a bit of an overhaul. to help traders find stuff. But the calendar search is non-existent.
Perhaps that will change someday. I have posted some complete early searchers but they are hard to find.

I am just a happy hive member overall.


Thanks for all your posts rookie, you definitely put a lot of time into your contributions


Agree! Thanks Rookie!


Well out of the rocker and back at it. I rewatched Shawn's video class on the above discussion.
In the rewatch I maybe didn't associate my current trading to what Shawn was saying. I will call that a conative disconnect, a failure to learn, understand and apply. Which as of late is self-evident in my lack of keeping my green pips. This is more than just cash management but is fundamental basics of trading.

Shawn uses the metaphor of price action of a train. And this is very appropriate. Well, of course, it is, it's from Shawn.

Keeping in mind there is only consolidation, expansion and consolidation. I mean it doesn't matter what skill level you are at this is all there is. That's not saying you can find more complex patterns as price action develops but no matter it is all just consolidation expansion and consolidation repeating its self over and over again.

Now, let's think of the PA as a train. when it leaves the station the engine has its power up to gain momentum and away it goes down the track to the next station. As the train approaches the next station it must slow down lose momentum to stop. The train pulls in and loads up and waits for the next pull out agenda all the while;e building momentum. Ok, that's pretty easy to grasp, right!

Now just substitute the word consolidation for the station. When the PA expands it has the must momentum, When PA is coming to a stop it has the least momentum.

Next step is when do we want to get on the train? I don't know about you but I find it a bit difficult to jump on a moving train. I want to get on when the train is pulling out of the station and get odd when it pulls into the next station. Just think about this for a minute or two if you're like me and ask yourself what exactly does this accomplish? Reverting back to reality you take the trade at the breakout from the consolidation and close the trade at the next consolidation. You will have maximized your potential pips on this trend. For me, this logic makes perfect dollars.

Oh, one last comment on a consolidation? For this discussion lets just run with enough blocks to build our station. One is just another piece of the track, two is a little unsettling but three allows room for the head and four you can add a dining area. So three blocks or pips would be our minimum to define a consolidation.

Is there another methodology? yes. Take a look at Toddsters trading of the no-name both are MA strategies. Or Rex's Sneak Theif Strategy, it is an MA methodology as well. Why don't I use an MA strategy because I like to go from station to station. I don't like getting on or off a moving train. Is there an advantage to using an MA strategy? yes. In practice, you may avoid many false breakouts.

Ok now we know all there is to know about price action and momentum.... what else is there? Oh did I forget to mention cycles?
What cycles? I'm not riding a bicycle. No silly Time and price cycles. What can they tell me that I don't already know? Well, so far we have covered basic momentum maybe you would like to know how far the train will go and when the train will get to its destination so you can plane you getting off. Sure I would, wouldn't you?

Ha Ha, that's the subject for the next class until then green piping to all Apiary bee's, everyone else can just hand over their pips!

Paul Tudor Quote.jpg
Steve S

Rook, for several months I have followed yourself and other very smart folks like Hac, Norma and Kim, Todd , Curtis, Shawn and Nate . I always feel I have so much to learn and look forward to all the great stuff all of you guys have to comment about. I have learned so much in the last 6 months from everyone at this great place we call Apiary.
Please keep up the great comments and threads I believe we all learn from our boo boos and successes.


Thank you, Steve, I'm not in the same league as the others you mentioned. Just another wannabee like yourself.


I like your self analysis Rook. It seems that trading has more to do with my psychology than it does with the charts. Still trying to determine what type of trading works for me.


what stratedy is used in Shawn's class?


@Sbu, In this class which is basically a repeat of 4 classes in a round robin cycle its strict price action methodology. No specific strategy is taught or used. If you would like to know about Shawns strategy check out the wobble in the forums and more specifically the thread

@Steve S, you could not be more correct about the psychological factors.


i will said lot size for me and acepting the loss are part of the buiness also
we never know the future so risk need to be major topic.



@agostinhos, so true-ism, Shawns BEngermin Formula and Cash Management are tops in my book.
For the cash management position sizing, I refer to Jeff Crystal's work which I have not yet completed in a timely thread.
This might do for a primer.


Thanks rookie007, great work as usual.
It was great to watch those classes.


Thanks rookie! You've spent a lot of time helping traders learn more about this business. Appreciated.


You all are very welcome and I hope it really does help but the best part about sharing is the what it gives the one who is sharing.
I will post another one when I get the chance.

Max Pipin

Thanks for sharing Rookie
I'll definitely be looking at these video's.


Great stuff guys, I am new into this family please welcome me. I wish to be pro someday but with the desire I have to learn I KNOW I will. Thanks again


Hi Hello and Welcome to the Hive, Shawn teaches this and it is foundational for all other trading endeavors.
Enjoy the walk.


I would like to know the timely impact over time with the weekly Trading Room sessions, or future vision, when Shawn's focus will be on private Fast Track Lessons, could you pls ask him about this, as you have a direct line now? ;-)

I see online marketing sales strategies moving very fast within Apiary ... Traders on the Street first on YT public, now only private, partners showing up to fill in the calendar etc. These are exactly the kind of obvious activities (patterns, like candle bars:-) I've seen over the past years in my corporate life to maximize profits a lot (and I really hated those brainstorm meetings, that's why I got out to become a free, independent trader) ;-) It's getting very streamlined commercial, which is a good thing also on the other side, brings us more $ to invest in better technology.

Having said that, I also would sign up for private lessons, they absolutely have the best impact to path to success, nothing can beat that, certainly the Fast Track to Funding 1 to 1 with Shawn is invaluable. I strongly consider this.

I just hope the Trading Room stays as it is and Shawn keeps base


Rob, it's not exactly a 1:1 its more like a small group say 10:1. I don't think its exactly a direct link as it is at most one hour a week but more often much less do to Shawn's schedule. However, once signed up the past Fast Track recording becomes available but note it is generally a four-lesson cycle.

On your other subject of corporate marketing, Rob as like-minded and have politely voiced my opinion when the referral program was enacted. At least the trader on the street is free to all bees. But the beginning mantra I think has changed.

But I'm not one to judge nor bite the hand.



Well, if it's not a 1:1, but a 10:1, why not the trading room with a good moderator? That's a bit disappointing now.

I understand, and I also stated in my post above, the more streamlined a program/business model is, the more revenue it generates, the better for all of us. Better technology, up time for Alveo, low spreads, etc. All a win / win.

I just wanted to point out that I would not like to see a fast shifting change into commercial too fast.

Those things all happen to go gradually, at first a few bit there, then this one only private, this one a subscription on top etc.
(It wouldn't surprise me if there is no Shawn in a Trading Room every Thursday at this pace, but that has to remain to be seen)

I get a flash back into corporate life, I better stop it now and go back to trading, especially when I paid 697$ on top of the subscription fees last year to see weekly Live Trades. Why now another 295$ on top again for a 10:1 session which you advertised in this thread, if it would be a 1:1 I'd be very quiet, but 10:1 not ;-)

What's the great difference, can you list it?


Why is my platform disabled?



"At least the trader on the street is free to all bees. But the beginning mantra I think has changed."

Yes, I'm not sure this was a good idea. I've been to a family meeting back to Europe 1 month ago and talked about Apiary with some of my cousins, who are very interested.

I've sent them the link to the Trader on the Street on YT ... which 2 days later was not accessible anymore.

Shawn says they do this to recover the costs for travel/recording etc. I understand this.

But if my cousins sign up and become fellow bees based on a good demonstration of the Trader on the Street, that would have been the better way to recover the costs over time. Only in my opinion.

Anyway, this is a bit off-topic from your Fast Track to funding thread, sorry ;-)


NP Rob, it took me a few days to figure out the RNM was me... sometimes I am just so dense. sometimes I think Shawn lest himself get sidetracked by his advisors and new marketing. Folks don't remember some of the all-time great applications of marketing.
1. Like remember the old Gelet commercials, well maybe that was before your time.
2. MCI's friends and family was the biggest rewarded marketing campaign in history.

One product had substance and the other emotional attachment. Uhm...
I'm with you on this one. Currently, this is a short-term move. I don't remember the CEO's name ( Jack something) nor the company but each and every product they own produced over 1B per year in revenue. Like not one but all 20-30. Now that to me says a bucket full about management and plan old fashion marketing without all the extra costly hype.


Thank you Rookie no more for this thread and thank you all for your input and contribution.

I'd just like to say that Apiary Fund remains the best place to learn and grow as a trader as far as I know or have experienced. Whatever new marketing thing is being rolled out, I consider it as just one more option being offered- One is free to accept or decline.

I declined the current round because I felt I needed to focus on consolidating my own strategy- Sort of getting the rythym right sort of thing. I am wholly convinced that to truly succeed at anything (trading included) one must learn to fully apply one's unique talents, attitudes, beliefs, views and perspectives shaped by experiences only you have known. I cant say I have "arrived", but I am enjoying trading more than ever before and I will forever be grateful to Apiary fund and you guys for all you have contributed to my learning and growth.

Remember, commit to personal growth and development, and the wins and profit will follow . . . eventually.
I attach a snapshot to encourage many that what you dream of is possible and within the reach of your mind.


@adetunjip, you are right in what you say, fully agree also.

Your daily pips look good & steady!


This thread got way off topic and I'd like to bring it back to my original intention of Fast Track to Funding. Shawns 4 part cyclical series.
The first part we covered was Shawn's train metaphor pulling out from the station and heading toward the next station or pause along the route. Shawn also encouraged us not to jump on a moving train but wait for the next station or consolidation break,

While this next topic is not in the four series per say I believe it is next in the trading mantra. When the train pulls out a break out is establish either real or false. Even if you say your a trend trader and not a break out trader your trend started with a breakout and you look for a good entry point to get onboard.

The follow post I did this morning on a London Breakout thread but am reusing it here because it applies specifically to breakouts.
Like the train, a break out can go one of three ways, up, down or sideways.

I digress for just a moment;
"Breakout is an arcade game developed and published by Atari, Inc., released on May 13, 1976. It was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, influenced by the 1972 Atari arcade game Pong, and built by Steve Wozniak aided by Steve Jobs. Wikipedia means " (Games I still enjoy...)
Here is another very interesting usage of the theory and one I am going to play, :)
What is a Breakout?
Before we get into my favorite Forex breakout strategy, let’s first define the term, “breakout”.
A breakout is any price movement outside a defined support or resistance area. The breakout can occur at a horizontal level or a diagonal level, depending on the price action pattern.
Related Google searches,
forex breakout indicator
profitable forex breakout strategy
breakout trading indicators
how to identify false breakout in forex
breakout trading strategy pdf
indicator to confirm a breakout
Investopedia, Forex Breakout
A breakout is a price movement of a security through an identified level of resistance, which is usually followed by heavy volume and an increased amount of volatility. Traders buy the underlying asset when the price breaks above a level of resistance or when it breaks below a level of support.
Breakout - Investopedia
n the Apiary forums there is a plethora of breakout strategies and classes posted on the calendar., this one in particular hits the nail on the head.
Shawn's Momentum Burst, the Alignment, the Join the Bands, and the BB bounce strategies all work on M1.

While many traders use the MACD & RSI to signal a breakout I use and think the CCI with Bands is better suited to define the signal and breadth of a potential breakout and the slope will provide the strength of the momentum.
In Shawn’s, he spends an hour describing a train pulling out of the station when the momentum is the greatest.

The so-called London breakout is no different just called London because of the banks timing and the regularity of this occurrence.
But this applies to all currencies and there crosses. Some of which like the USD or JPY have regular daily cycles for us to capitalize upon.

I am not going to address false breakouts today and for reversal, I have already covered Shawn's three-bar reversal strastegy.

Bottom line here is when to get on and off the train.


Thank you for all the Information.


I signed up for the Fast Track to Funding and I have just completed watching all of the recordings of previous meetings. This has
been a turning point for me, I am very happy I took this step. I have some practice to do, but I feel very confident in this process. I would recommend this program to all. I am looking forward to the next live event.


While this discussion is not technically part of the Fast Track [program I think and am locating this comment here because it is such an excellent set of descriptions a when the price action train is pulling away from the train station consolidation.

Here in lies the meaning of letting your winners run and cut your losers short.

Apiary Live,

1. Consolidation; Is a group of price action pausing or cooking waiting for direction from the market.
Consolidation is the leading road sign of an imp[ending breakout.
a. Bar Consolidation, where none of the subsequent candles top and bottom exceed the originating candle of the consolidations open or close points.
b. Range Consolidation, where the consecutive bullish and bearish candles price action will move higher and lower in relationship to the originating candles open and close points.
2. Breakout Types
a. Whipsaw, as traders we need to learn how to handle whipsaws because they are such a common occurrence.
b. Momentum Burst, a strong (2-3 times the ATR) candles blasts out of the consolidation. Typically a trader will only receive 2-3 candles of profit after the breakout candle.
To best take advantage of potential with a buy stop or sell stop placed to best capture the moment.
c. Trampoline, sort like a whipsaw but with a bounce back, IE market moves in a strong momentum bust and is followed up by a quick reveres. This makes a conviction that the market is going to move in the opposite direction.
This type is good for protection by reversing losing positions and setting up a position to capture the breakout after the trampoline effect.
d. Pressure Mount. Tricky to trade and define because it is a combo of a trampoline and momentum with no real momentum behind the move.
e. This pattern leads to second-guessing of which way is the consistency.


That's brilliant! Thanks!


Blam the brilliance on the Shawnster,
I merely repeated as best I could for myself and the hive.
You're very welcome.

Pips for Profit

Thanks so much RNM. Videos very helpful.


Well, No Fast Track Class in a while but trading moves along.

Once you have trend how do you trade it?
How many ways can a trend go? yup just 3, up - down - sideways.
One could say the market spends 70% of its time in a sideways consolidation that why learn to trade anything else?
Because trends up[ or down are easier on most of our brains.

My friend Hak produced this nifty thread a while back.
Where he chats about several types of breakouts. and Hak is good at both breakouts and trading up and down consolidations.

Shawn produced Shawn in consolidation to breakouts;
Apiary Live,

1. Consolidation; Is a group of price action pausing or cooking waiting for direction from the market.
Consolidation is the leading road sign of an imp[ending breakout.
a. Bar Consolidation, where none of the subsequent candles top and bottom exceed the originating candle of the consolidations open or close points.
b. Range Consolidation, where the consecutive bullish and bearish candles price action will move higher and lower in relationship to the originating candles open and close points.
2. Breakout Types
a. Whipsaw, as traders we need to learn how to handle whipsaws because they are such a common occurrence.
b. Momentum Burst, a strong (2-3 times the ATR) candles blasts out of the consolidation. Typically a trader will only receive 2-3 candles of profit after the breakout candle.
To best take advantage of potential with a buy stop or sell stop placed to best capture the moment.
c. Trampoline, sort like a whipsaw but with a bounce back, IE market moves in a strong momentum bust and is followed up by a quick reveres. However, this makes a conviction that the market is going to move in the opposite direct.
This type is good for protection by reversing losing positions and setting up a position to capture the breakout after the trampoline effect.
d. Pressure Mount. Tricky to trade and define because it is a combo of a trampoline and momentum with no real momentum behind the move.
e. This pattern leads to second-guessing of which way is the consistency.


Price Patterns, high probability trading setups.

Recently Shawn did a YouTube live session entitled:
YouTube Live| Shawn's favorite chart patterns to trade
Join Apiary Fund Head Trader, Shawn Lucas, as he reviews and demonstrates his favorite chart patterns to trade!

These seems a very basic education but is very foundational to understanding price action.

1. Consolidation Breakout
a. Consolidation Breakout is a sideways consolidation with very sold Support and Resistance levels at the top and bottom of the measure Bar. I.e., all price action is contained within the measure bar.
b. Look for the first Bar defined as the measure bar with the following bars to be contained within the S&R of the measure bar.
c. Important by ready for the price action to break out bearish or bullish.
2. Follow up to Consolidation breakout is a simple reversal pattern.
a. Most commonly called a Three Bar Reversal.
b. You don’t know it's a reversal until you see the Apex bar as defined by the PA reversing.
c. The Key is getting one price cycle away from the last apex.
d. Then use the high of the apex as your trigger to enter the market as the PA moves away from the Apex.
3. The follow up to the consolidation breakout is a Retracement of a consolidation breakout (double punch).
a. Happens after the consolidation break out retraces (also referred to as a hook and go).
b. Look for the first consolidation after the breakout thus seeing the market pullback then another reversal.
c. When this occurs, you can avoid fade into the price action as it returns to the previous high as the target.
d. A trader is looking to make money on the second breakout of the second retracement.
4. Ascending or descending triangle.
a. A pivot followed by a higher pivot, followed by a higher pivot, followed by a higher pivot.
b. You see well-defined resistance layers and support levels are higher and higher leading into the resistance level.
c. The descending is the opposite of the ascending the price action.

Typically a consolidation can be drawn with a rectangle make the PA out of the rectangle very obvious and triangle similarly with the line tools.

A price cycle is an Apiary tool used to measure the leg of a bar.
One two punch is the followup of a retracement and second wave breakouts.

Authors comments.
Once you get into triangles, you might look into wedges, flags, and poles all connected patters for effective in chart analysis of price action.
Related forums that are closely related;


great information


Thank you Rookie. I just watched the you tube video. Your summary is great and I also know it took time a lot of time on your part. Your efforts mean that it will be easier for all of us to review and implement. Best to you.


Thanks, it would be faster if I knew how to type..:))

Shailesh Saxena

Hi Ed. These days Google has made it easier for those who do not like typing. Open a document in Google Docs in your browser. Then under Tools (in the menu) select Voice Typing. There you can also select your language. Then simply dictate and Google will type it for you right there. Then you can edit and add punctuation to your text. That is all. This text can then be copied and pasted into any other document, forum, chat window etc.

The above text was just typed in by me :))


Kewl beans and thanks Shailesh!


Shailesh Saxena, thx for the tip on Google Voice Typing. Just remember that Google will add everything you say to their dossier on you (along with all your emails that they've read). ;^)

Neil G

Windows 10 has built in dictation. Press the "Windows key" (usually between 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' to the left of the space bar) and 'h'.


rookie, thanks for sharing the links.


Thank you.......


Thanks for highlighting this video!


thanks...almost done with Silver II into Silver III...need 5 profitable trades for 5 days.....


Hi Guys,

Thanks i really need to get more info to give me the edge in this shark infested trading arena.


In Gold, assuming you have say a 51/29% win-loss ration, simply place 4 .01Q trades per trade and let it happen, then rinse and repeat.4.


This is awesome thanks Rookie


YW and thank you for the Kudo.

Bea T

The more you can listen to Shawn and the rest of the Apiary trainers, the better. I really enjoy listening to Steve also. He explains things so well.


Watching Shaun and Nate in the trading room is fun. I've added some of their trading styles to mine. My scalping has improved using the wobble


THank you, I will definetely watch these to zip through Gold....


you can do it i just got funded this morning!!


@celeam, Congratulations on you, great job.


Lots of great info here! Headed to Gold II now yet getting funded still seems like it’s a ways away.


CW may the pips be with you!


Thanks for all the great posts Rookie.


Your welcome and thank you for saying so!


Almost thru Gold 2, Looking forward to funding. Had to learn quickly going down in account size wil l affect the lot sizes you can use and allowing large losses are hard to overcome........


Almost thru Gold 2, Looking forward to funding. Had to learn quickly going down in account size HOW IT affect the lot sizes you can use and allowing large losses are hard to overcome........


Roger, no need to make a bunch of bucks, as the saying says: "Steady As She Goes"
Simply be consistent and if profitable that's a real plus!


Thank you Rookie for the advice. I appreciate any and all advice.


Rogerman, really listen to rookie's comment, and work to understand what it means...

- take small positions
- take the very trades possible
- trade slowly
- protect your balance
- keep losses to an absolute minimum

at this point is not about making money, it's about showing that you can maintain...

"AGAIN, MAINTAIN", can you as a trader, calmly work through the next part of your beeline in a calm, and stoic manner. letting go of any need to generate big returns?

simply work to prove, that you can reduce risk, and minimize losses.


Great thread with a lot of information and links to tackle the new journey through Gold.
Thanks, @Rookie for all your contributions.
BTW, are the initially posted links to the "funding fast-track discussion" modules working? Not on my computer. Some issues come up with Adobe Connect.


Zie, unfortunately, Apiary didn't save the vids. When they canceled Adobe the videos did not come with.


Probability, when, how far and what duration?

The following podcast is a good video to show and discuss what Shaw was saying with his train before.
95% Winning Forex Trading Formula - Beat The Market Maker

Seems most of my message has vanished, oh well.
The probability definitions have very good charts for entry signals. Something Todd is very good at.
Of course, entering the trade may be the easy part, after that it's all about cash management and the exit.
Just a note about the exit, a trader should have defined the exit when planning the trade.
While Rex stresses the no-trade zones well in his classes.
So depending on the time frame selected to trade the biggest issue may be patiently waiting for a proper setup.

Happy Trading.

Probability.PNG TVC nzdusd weekl chart.PNG

the questions that need to answered. look forward to catching the podcast on my flight :)



Allen, I thought that the trip was for the 10th! enjoy!!

This movie is about persistence, not trading
you might enjoy it on the flight, I enjoy the good feeling.

The CCI can be set to any desired deviation and the signal line as well can be set to represent most any moving average by period.
As the CCI is an unbounded oscillator it best represents the PA sentiment. However, it may be hard to identify a price diversion.

Alveo XAU 4 Hour.PNG