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Fast Track Funding strategy


Fast Track Funding strategy

Looking forward to applying what I learned today about using the basic indicators for the fast track funding plan to enhance my intuitive price action trading.

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 6:11pm

Keep on it. Tip: If you get bogged down with a task, that is it is holding up your advancement to the next level, just keep cramming the lessons, they will help you and you will probably need to do them anyways at higher levels. Have fun!


I agree with JayTea - search the forum entries and you will find hints about the videos and reading in the next level for you, which you can work on while doing some of the longer tasks. What you learn, you can always use!


Hi Kenh
I am also a price action trader and use Bollinger bands as indicator.

As all of us wanted to be funded fast, while going through this journey, try to enjoy the process stage by stage of different beelines.


Tere' C

Willingness to learn, change, and grow were Key for me. Keeping it real, doing the program, attending the Summits as well as working with a mentor helped me meet my goals toward being funded.


thank you


Learning the process is more important than getting funded. This will make you a better trader on the long run.


The Apiary process of learning to trade properly is perhaps revolutionary.
It helps you to remove your weaknesses one by one as it provides you with statistical feedback which forces
you to use best practices e.g. proper stop loss in keeping with your position size.

Go through the process carefully, reflecting on why are they having me do this step!
Still can"t figure out the emotitag thing though, lol


I can only confirm this.


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