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Fast Track Strategy Rules


Fast Track Strategy Rules

Here is the PDF for the Fast Track Rules.  Enjoy

Fast Track Strategy.pdf116.2 KB
Tue, 03/22/2016 - 11:13am
Man of Time

amazing, thank you


Thank you, Todd. This is very helpful.


Dear Todd:

I called into the Apiary Call Center. They direct me to write to you, my inquiry is about setting up the fast track just as seen in your PDF file. In my Sto Indicator area I end up with 4 lines, two level lines at 70 and 30 and two Indicator lines. How do I set it up so I only get the two lines 50% level line and the single indicator line as are shown in the PDF file?

I included an image of my set up!



Fast Track set up.docx 308 KB

Right click on your Alveo to bring up the Indicator box. Click on your STO to bring up the dialogue box. Click on the Levels tab. Type in 50 and delete the others which are 70 and 30 or something like that. Hope this helps.
See pic for closer look.

Change Stocastic Levels.pdf 62.8 KB

Thanks Todd!


Thanks Todd!


Thanks very much !


when I open my indicator list, there is no Indicator.
Can someone help me?



I got it, thanks.


Hey! Very clear description of strategies. Sincere thanks.


How do I get the 8day EMA, STO(12,3,3) and different values for SMA


I was searching for fast track video, but found this pdf, excellent. Thanks Todd


In the Fast Track video we are using the ATR but it's not mentioned in the PDF. I kind of missed the point with the ATR so could anyone please explain? I understood that it has something to do with the Take Profit rules but I did not understand it. The PDF explains TP as twice the SL.
Thanks anyone :-)


Thank you, Todd.


Very helpful.


Can we use this strategy for 1mn and 5mn time frames?

Thanks in advance


Guys, if you are looking into the FT strategy, also do take a look at C.Coopers as it essentially explains FT but with more details and explanations.

At least, this is how I understood the video...

best of luck


nothing quite like the wizard


So helpful. Thanks


Thank you Todd.


Hi, guys.

I'm using another computer and am trying to get my charts for Fast Track set up. I'm having a really tough time getting the sto right. I called Tech Support but they were unable to help me.

How do we get the Sto set up correctly, getting only one MA showing, the Level at 50 with a thicker line (as the 3 will not hold and it keeps defaulting back to a 1)???

I have the 14,3,3 and one level set at 50. However, the rest is not cooperating. Thank you.


Hi Todd - I'm setting up the Fast Track Strategy and have a few questions:

* When I set up STO (14,3,3), I also get something called "SIGNAL". What is this?
* Is there an easy wy to tell if SMA 50 is moving up. For example, right now, it seems to be flat, perhaps starting up - I'm looking to know by how much it needs to move up or how I can tell it is moving up to know when to place a trade
* Are the three conditions for a buy that 50 SMA is moving up, STO is below 50 and STO is moving up?
* I get "apiary pivots" in my charts - What should I do with these?
* I'm getting blue and green candlebars in the price chart - which signal an up movement and which a down?

Thanks so much.

Agent Orange

Thanks Todd, great starting strategy for newbies


Thanks for the clear explanation, I'll this next week.


Thanks for the documents!


thanks alot


Awesome Todd, many thanks, I will put this in my quiver of arrows!



Fast Track Strategy, Thanks, Todd, this is very helpful


I have used the Fast Track trading system to help me with the 5 trades over 5 days in Silver II.


Has anyone attempted to create a EA for the Fast Track system?


I use the Stochastic alone and in an easier and more accurate manner, where I know exactly when to put either a buy or sell order, but it needs you to sit at your screen and follow the movements, so you can act in time. I set the Stochastic to
D-Period 3
K-Period 5
Slowing 3
line 30 and 70

When the indicator moves up and ABOVE the 70 line, you wait until the two moving lines (blue and red) are crossing each other downwards OUTSIDE the 30/70 lines, then you put/sell, and the same on the lower side, moving indicator BENEATH the 30 line and when they are crossing upwards, call/buy. Don't do anything while the lines still are moving between the 30/70 lines, as the direction still is not determined and can go anywhere. 30/70 lines are the two green ones.


thank you Todd!


Thank you! <3


Thank you for providing this!


thanks blomst7

Thanks Todd.


hi fellow traders
understanding the sto 30 and 70 lines but setting the line to 50 what are the benefits does it result in more profitable trades does it improve your win /loss ratio.
does it mean you are getting into trades earlier following the buy or sell signal or later may seem to be silly /stupid questions but I am always looking to pick up and learn to enable me to try out different strategies.


@jamesh29, oscillators should be used as a confirming signal to your main indicator.
Oscillators are also good for pointing out both regular divergence and hidden divergence both of which can aid in the decision process.
And there are some that use the stow crosses as their trigger.
also, keep in mind that all oscillators are bounded except the CCI.


Thanks, Todd!
The 50 SMA is my absolute favorite indicator and if I had to trade with JUST ONE indicator, this would be it.
Fortunately, I can others...heheh


Thanks. Very interesting


Hi Guys,

I have replaced the SMA 50 with HMA 144 which appears to mirror the up and down direction of the SMA but with a clearer indication (it changes colour!) of the desired trade direction. A quick look back over the past couple of months has shown it kept me out of 6 trades but 4 of those would have been losses with 1 break even (please do your own back-testing for verification of course).

Hope that helps with those who dither over the SMA direction question :)



todd uses an hma strategy as well...

- i would be concerned, using a 144 period, as the color change will not have a similar relevance

might i recommend, using two hma indicators, one with the standard 21 and one with the 144, set your candle bars to max 2500 and then scroll back to study the differences.



Thanks for the input.

As we are just looking at the direction change I didn't think period was relevant. By playing with the HMA method (currently 3) and moving that to 1 then we can adjust the period down to something closer to 50 (I was looking in the mid 60s) to still mirror the colour change.

That said I now prefer to stay with the SMA50 but with a box to determine the direction...… I have attached 2 pictures from this morning to reflect what I mean. In the EURUSD pic we can see a clear downward trend on the SMA50 but on the GBPUSD pic it is close to flat although the HMA says down.

If it's flat and moving sideways should we be using a trending strategy? I think not so am more likely to stay out. It's more subjective than the HMA but just looking at the current GBPUSD pic it would have kept me out of a loss. More back-testing required of course but I like this better already :)

FastTrack_EURUSD_1.png FastTrack_GBPUSD_1.png

sounds like you're working it out...keep testing.


I am very grateful for this helpful resources
Thanks so much


Thank you guys really helpful, especially when you are at the level of testing the strategies


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