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Fast Track Strategy - Stochastics Signal Line

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Marek Swiercz

Fast Track Strategy - Stochastics Signal Line

Hello Traders,

For those of you familiar with the Fast Track Strategy, it uses a (14,3,3,) stochastics indicator but without the red signal line. Only the blue indicator line is present.
See the attached document for a visual reference.

I've tried and tried to find a way of removing the red signal line but without success.

Does anyone know how to do this on the Alveo platform?




FastTrack_Stochastics_NoRedSignalLine.docx76.52 KB
Sun, 05/22/2016 - 9:29am

Set the signal to color transparent.

Marek Swiercz

Nice try leebbcp but there's no facility to do that.
Alveo doesn't appear to allow you to change any settings for the signal line.
If I've missed something then please let me know.


Is this what you're trying to do @ MS?

Let me know if I'm mistaken.

Marek Swiercz

Good work Jan.
Your examples really helped.
I wasn't able to see the word "Signal" in the left hand pane because it was written in white font and on a white background.
All I had to do was to move the cursor down until it was highlighted and visible.

All the best to you.


Yes. When you have stoc inserted click on series, > color > color chart > at the bottom last on the left is transparent for color. With series highlighted click on that.


Using this you can set any of the indicators any color you want.

Marek Swiercz

Many thanks, leebbcp.


No worries :)


Thanks for you posts I haven't had any signal trades yet but am looking forward to initiating. Good job.

Marek Swiercz

Good luck Gharian.