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Finally made Gold I

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Finally made Gold I

This is my first required post for Gold I... 8)

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 2:49pm

Congrats on the achievement and good luck! :)


Thank you. And apparently creating a post does not count towards the step?? Must be that you have to comment on an existing post...


I have noticed that Beeline does not update immediately at times. Not sure why.



Different accomplishments take a different period of time for Alveo and Beeline to sync With Alveo open you can try refreshing the Beeline


Congratulations amclaughlin01. My advice is to stick to your trading plan and strategy for Gold accounts. From here on, you should be pretty good with your strategy.


Yes Sokha, looks like we can stick with our preferred strategy instead of jumping all over the place as we had to for the previous levels. Now it gets fun 8)



Gold accounts are the best place for that. I was struggled a little over 50% wins in Gold 2, but no problem with average win > average loss and positive expectancy. Thanks to silver accounts, I can count on my 10 pips stop loss strategy. I would not recommend in Forex due to spread, but it is very high probability trade when I'll need it a 1:1 or 2:1 trades to bump my 50% win when I'll need it.

That's why I suggest sticking to your plan in Gold accounts, and hoping you can repeat the same process in live account. You don't want to learn new stuff in live account. It should be just placing trades without modify your strategy.


Congrats amclaughlin.


Thanks Al!


Grats amclaughlin, Love to see people post when they make it!!


Congrats amclaughlin01. Keep us posted on your progress.


Congratulation with your result.
Will you please be so kind to give me an advise how you have achieved the 3rd and 4th Conversion. In a matter of fact I'm not a scalper. All the best.


Thanks Jim and Emmit.

And Avandenakker, it was by luck. I had to force myself to trade like I normally wouldn't and made multiple small trades at once that happened to go my way, which satisfied the conversion requirement.

If one thing, it helped me understand why I would not want to trade like that normally. I lost a good number of pips to win the few needed to satisfy that step.


Thanks, amclaughlin01, I understand you have also troubles to reach that achievement. In anyway I do my best. Also the spread is something to have in mind, I'm afraid.
All the best from The Netherlands


Congrats amclaughlin01. Keep the pips up!


Congratulations!!! Keep up the hard work! We are all rooting for you!


Congratulations in reaching Gold i amclaughlin01 I am trying to accomplish that this week. I love the advice given to you by those more experienced. I wish you much success.


Congratulations. Well done. I am on Silver 3.. so not far off.




CONGRATULATIONS, I am headed that way