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First Time Setup

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First Time Setup

I'm new to Alveo and I am having trouble setting up a template as I want it. I've used MT4 & 5 before, I say that because I assume Alveo is MT4 based. I have some questions

1) How do I get to the indicator code in the editor? I don't want legends along the top of the chart so I'll edit the code not to show them.
2) Where is the indicator folder on W10? I've found 2 and they're both empty.
3) Where are the Pivot lines? I found Apiary pivots, but can't see any use for them.
4) Is it possible to shrink the massive toolbars at the top of Alveo? Together with the Orders etc at the bottom, they take up 25% of the screen, I'd rather have bigger charts.
5) Is there a setting so the chart can be dragged up/down/left/right etc?
6) How do I scrunch up the chart to get more candles into view & then reverse back out?

I've no doubt I'll have some more questions by the time the evening is out.


Fri, 04/08/2016 - 5:26am