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fundamental vs technical

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fundamental vs technical

What do you guys do when the fundamentals are really powerful, where there has been days of positive economic reports but your technical strategy gives you a signal to do the opposite? This question came to mind because this is what just happened to me. We've had great economic reports favoring the u.s economy yet the euro keeps getting stronger i just don't get it. Is it because of what is happening in the white house? friction between trump and intelligence agencies concerning leaks? So my strategy was telling me to buy but in my mind the fundamentals were just so strong so i kept shorting and now i'm locked out. I'll come back strong tomorrow!

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 12:16pm

Certain fundamentals matter more than others. Please keep in mind that big money chases after interest rates.

With that in mind, check out the interest rates for both currencies of each pair that you like to trade. The long-term moves will tend to trend in the direction of the positive spread differential, and you should be able to see this reflected in W1 and monthly charts.

Whether or not any of that might matter for your own trading would depend upon your approach. Short-term traders (especially scalpers) who trade off lower TF charts don't need to pay as much attention to any of that, but some of them (myself included) do. Intermediate- and long-term traders probably should pay increasingly more attention to some fundamentals in their trading.


Fundamentals generally take longer to have an effect on price (as Hakchinoy mentions) .... think of fundamentals as the ocean tides... While technicals are more the daily "surfing forecast".

I believe successful traders keep BOTH in their planning!

Congrats on GOLD-3!!


Just read throught this again .... Didn't catch the "locked out" part ... getting a temporary shut down is neither fundamental or technical... simply risk management ... but, you knew that already I am quite sure!

I like the "bounce back" attitude though .... very strong!

Enjoy being funded!! :)

Norma Jenner

Though EUR.USD potentially could drop way down from here, it's interesting how ATR behaved during and after the last big drop. I was concerned before I saw that, that we might lose EU for good trading. Weekly chart attchd

EU D7 4.9.17.docx 79.31 KB

Euro is "back on track" .... trend and fundamentals in agreement ... and I agree ... should be a solid candidate for trading to the shortside!


Think we should get notified when someone replies to our posts. I wish i would saw this ! i just happened to check. Thank you guy! We should start a chat so we can trade ideas.