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hello everyone,

I have been doing forex trading for so many years and I am into apiary from long back and strieving hard to get funded .

I want to discuss the things in here about day to day trades and help eaach other to get funds .

I am very passionate about renko charting and I use it to determine trades.

I would definitely try to discuss about it in further posts .

So please come forward and help each other by  trading and  get funds.


Wed, 04/20/2016 - 1:56pm

Check out this link, they started doing a weekly class about getting funded, it's Tuesdays 9 AM EST, this is the second class:

Also, there should be thread on the forum for this class.

Good luck!


thanks for the link


My Copper Account has gone totally Green yet the “Submit to risk Manager” button does not work, is this to say that all previous accounts are useless as far as funding is concerned?

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