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Funding in under 100 days

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Funding in under 100 days

Well I have accomplished the first of two goals I set out to achieve; I did my first trade with Apiary on 20th April 2016 and made it to Gold III (the first funding level) in 96 days.

I only mention this because I hope it will encourage anyone reading this who is still going through the process, as to what is possible. It also is confirmation that Beeline as a fully automatic program works! (I have never spoken to anyone at Apiary, although there have been a few emails, back and forth). Actually, I'm pretty sure funding via Beeline can be achieved in under 90 days if you really put your mind to it. I didn't hurry Copper/Bronze and I messed up my 5 profitable days in a row in Silver. However, it must also be said I came here knowing how to trade, so if you are new to trading, you need to add some time on to cover that. There is no point in getting through Beeline in a hurry, if you are still unsure of your trading. It is far better to make every mistake under the sun in a simulated account, while still being held to account by a third-party.

My ultimate goal has always been to manage a significant sized account for Apiary. We will have to see how supportive and realistic Apiary are in helping funded traders move up through the advertised funding levels, and how accommodating the markets are!

Good trading to all fellow travellers!

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 10:59pm

Congratulations, very inspirational!


Congrats on gold3, Malcolm. :)


Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am in Silver II now trying to figure out a 100 pips in one day all while keping a tight stop loss in place.




Welcome to Gold III ! Under 100 days is very impressive even for someone who already knows how to trade! Took me 9 months with at least a little bit of experience. Keep us posted!

I will be curious to know when you reach Gold III funded level 5. That is my goal for Dec. 2016!

Again Congratulations!


LOL! I'm curious too! But Dec 2016 .... ! :-) :-) :-)


Ok.....Level 2.5....LOL....


chaffcombe17 Congratulations, job well done! Happy to see you having great success!


Congrats! can you share your strategy please. I too started on 29th April but lost my here at Gold 3 :(


Great Job, impressive to sat the least!!!


chaffcombe17 that is encouraging news, thanks for sharing :)


WTG Malcolm !!! congrats!


Congrats chaffcombe17!


for me Siver 2 was a breeze to the point where the avr win s/b bigger than the avr loss.... with the fear and greed, and with a few trades, closing at risk, i do not know how to reverse this equation... that's what's holding me from advancing to silver 3. Any suggestions on how to reverse that?



The honest answer to your question is it's a little mixed-up here at Apiary. My normal trading style is to do 2-4 well capitalised trades per week, with a total profit goal of around 60-150 pips. Correctly sized, that's all I need to grow my (real) account.

However, here at Apiary I have had to modify this approach due to the tasks being set, in particular, the need to trade at far higher frequency.

So what have I been doing? Firstly, my prime goal has been to do whatever Apiary wanted of me to get to this stage, so I have been working on a number of higher frequency ideas, and looking for something that suits me. I am still working on that! However, positive expectancy is critical in this business, and I have been guaranteeing that with my lower frequency stuff, which I wrote up in the two trading plans that I was required to submit during the course of Beeline.

Following is a copy of these two plans. Both look similar, but one is a trend-following methodology and the other counter-trend. There are also two screen shot links included, and it is probably best to look at those, as well as the text.


Trade Plan 1 (counter-trend):

Basic trade plan is produce trading statistics acceptable to Apiary Fund in order to progress to funding. This may frequently mean trading outside of my normal comfort zone in order to complete the various level task. 

In the event of being about to simply trade 'my way', I will work on perfecting the method below.

Trades Playbook - 1) MACD/Signal line XOver 

1) Preferred timeframe: H4

2) Preferred pairs: US majors (most cost effective)

3) Method: Take trend reversal signals from MACD crossing over Signal line

4) Considerations: be manually selective of which setups to take. This system has a demonstrable edge, but only when the MACD/Signal lines are swinging in a very clean fashion, which is subjective. Most of the time the MACD looks a mess, and as such invalids any signals

5) Risk control: Max risk 1% of account size per trade; but more realistically somewhat less. May work up to 1% if historical performance warrants

Trade Plan 2 (trend):

Trades Playbook - 2) MACD/Zero Line XOver *

1) Preferred timeframe: H4

2) Preferred pairs: US majors (most cost effective), but also consider pairs like GBP/AUD and GBP/JPY

3) Method: Take trend signals from MACD crossing over zero line

4) Considerations: be manually selective of which setups to take. This system has a demonstrable edge, but only when the MACD lines are swinging in a very clean fashion, which is subjective. Most of the time the MACD looks a mess, and as such invalids any signals

5) Risk control: Max risk 1% of account size per trade; but more realistically somewhat less. May work up to 1% if historical performance warrants

* This strategy while appearing similar to Trade Plan 1) MACD/Signal XOver is actually quite different in terms of market phasing

1) MACD/Signal XOver is a countertrend play, used in ranging markets
2) MACD/Zero Line XOver is a trend play, used when a market is showing signs of trending

is very different to this:


Are you wishing you hadn't asked? :-) :-) :-)


Great job chaffcombe17!


Well done ...may all the candles keep lighting up your trading path!!!


Well done ...may all the candles keep lighting up your trading path!!!






Great work Chaff! You're killing it!


Congrats Malcolm!


Great Job Malcolm ! Hope trading is all roses from here for you ....


Congrats chaffcombe17!

Looking forward to join you on Gold 3... ;)


Thanks for sharing your strategy. Well thought trading plan. Looking forward to meet at the summit!


Congratulations chaffecombe17! Very well done.


Congratulation chaffcombe17, and this is really encouraging us.

Joe Krueger

Congrats! Impressive!


Under 100 days? I am still stuck in G1. Looking like my equity curve is going down and down. Could use some tips if you don't mine.

Jason Mertz

Congrats Chaff! suggestion I can think of is to go back to when you accomplished the 5 consecutive days of profitability and try to remember what you did that worked and repeat it.


I am soooo inspired... going to silverII next week.

Kendrick Moton

Very inspiring and honest. Thanks for sharing everyone, especially chaffcombe17. Trying for silverII next week. Wish it was this week. Well, that's a lesson learned.


IT is amazing how this process shows you something new that you were afraid to try before.
When I look back at my first account I ended up with $10,037 with 251 trades. I thought making 10 pips in one day was
the best one could do safely.

Then I went into silver where you are forced to let it ride longer and I actually saw myself hitting 100 pip marks. I had never
done that before... was too afraid. My silver account in ended up with $10,201 with 430 trades.

Well into gold and time will tell on this. It is more difficult to find the best place to put your stop so you don't lose
more then you make consistently, but I am sure this system will teach me how to do that also. Enjoying the process!


Congratulations chaffcombe17!
I just joined so it's inspiring to see someone progressing so well.
Thanks for sharing and best of luck!



Congratulations chaffcombe17. Reading your results are very inspiring. It is wonderful reading your story. Dedication really pays off.


Great Job buddy!!! I hope to be where you are soon enough.


Congratulations Chaffcombe17,
I'm still struggling to get 5 consecutive positive days. Nevertheless,I'm encourged


Great job, I'm still fumbling with silver 1.


Just made to Silver 2 today (in 53 days)
Very happy
Thanks for everyone support and kind words


Great job! Congratulations!
So many good things around the corner, just keep going when things get rough!


Oh, by the way, since starting my education in trading, I have often wished (and I don't blame anyone here) that the focus would have been on learning how to spot the best set-ups and not so much on frequent constant trading. Being able to keep shorter stop losses is very dependent on knowing how to "cherry pick" and it takes a lot of observation and focus on just that to make a highly likely successful trade. I know everyone learns differently, but as a new trader - I still am, I had no idea what key fairly simple elements need to be seen in order to place a trade within Apiary rules.

Best of luck and hope to meet you someday,



Well done Hector!


Congratulations Chaff
I am happy for you!




congradulations, great job in short time


Congrats Chaff! Job well done. I am curious as to how fast you would go from a $1000 account to the next level. What I read said 3 months of profitable trading. I'm wondering if once you've got the hang of it, you might move up a little faster. Keep us posted. Thanks for being so encouraging.
JWalk and Igadeeva, If you haven't already made it thru Silver II yet may I suggest that you find two pairs that have an obvious up or down trend on all of the larger time frames. (I used the JPY pairs to do this) Trade off of the 4 hourly. Use the 1 hourly and the daily for confirmation. Measure the average distance between pivot points then enter the trade at a high on the pivot point. Place 4 or 5 trades on each pair with an 180 pip stop loss and TP at 30 pips. Trade only .01 pips. This allows for taking profits while possibly losing on some trades due to getting in too early. Walk away from the computer. Check every hour to see if you have any trades close to TP yet and if you do take them. (If a trade is at 23 no need to wait until it hits 30 to take it but don't take a trade too early or you will be trading for hours). If you have a loss greater than 19 then close that as well. This worked for me but it took me 3 tries to finally get it. You do run the risk of being set back on your 30 days with no loss greater than 20 pips if you set your stop loss too close. If the pair is truly in a long term trend and you entered at the top of a pivot point you will eventually get to your 100 pips.


I am curious too, since the only reason I am here is to trade a decent sized allocation! But, as you probably have already heard, or will find out when you get to Gold III and Level-1 funded yourself, one becomes obliged not to discuss one's funding any further.




I guess that makes sense Chaff, similar to discussing ones salary with coworkers I suppose. I just don't want to get stuck at $1000 account for long especially since you can't build on it. It's my understanding that all profits are removed from your account every month and each month you start at the $1000 again.


Well done helps keep me motivated to push on


that is awesome!!! what motivation!!


Congratulations, Chaff!

A long way for me to be there, but will be there!


I did it. I am a funded member with Apiary as of today.


Welcome to the Big Time :)
Great stuff Thomas and Chaff, keep the profits coming.


Congratulations Mr. Reilly, you have made it!


Congratulations much success in the furture


Nice work! Thanks for the advice


Great job! How does Gold 3 feel like?


You mention that "Most of the time the MACD looks a mess, and as such invalids any signals"
What did you do to filter out the mess and decide if it's a valid signal?

Allie D

Wow Chaffecombe17!

That is good news for all of us.


Astounding work chaffcombe17--Congratulations!


dlindner69; Unfortunately, sorting out 'messy' MACD signals is hard to define with precision, hence there is an element of subjectivity. If the swings are big, and look clean, I tend to take the trade. If not I pass.

I try not to over-analyse it. Look at the chart; is it clean or messy? Proceed accordingly. We humans tend to be better at that than computers.

Referring back to one of the charts I posted earlier I'd describe this as one as 'clean' and tradeable. Good smooth ranges, and the MACD crossing the signal line only at the top and bottom of the price range. The MACD certainly doesn't always look like that!




Hi Chaff, I'm finally in pre-funded! Took me 105 days! So happy and looking forward to getting funded in 3 weeks, before the Summit!


Congratulations, 96 days is a good run. all the best with your funding


chaff, congratulations, I made it to pre-fund in 56 days, hope to join you as funded soon


chaffcombe17; Thanks for your reply and advice.
If the MACD always looked like that, we'd all be rich, right? ;-)


Thanks all, this is a very informative string of information.


Good luck to all that are funded!






Wow, nice. I just made Silver III.. Silver II was the toughest because of 5 consecutive profitable days one.

hope to get funded soon!


Finally made today Gold 3 after 16 months.


Congratulations William


Proof that it can be done!! Nice job!




Great job!! I hope that all of us can do so well.


Great job :)


This is great information. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I am new to this and just made it to Silver 1. I did say that I wanted to get funded in 3 months of starting here at the Apiary Fund. Although that would be great, and I know it can be done, I have just decided to concentrate on learning how to trade the right way instead of getting funded within a certain time frame. I know that I will get funded when the time is right and I really enjoy the process. Congrats to everyone that has made it to the funded accounts and congrats to everyone that has continued to go through the learning process and get to the next level. The most important thing I think is to keep going and not give up especially on those days when you don't do as well. Greatness is right around the corner. I really like the sense of community and how everyone is here to help climb this mountain to the top.


Congratulations to all that have "made it", and thank you for sharing your plans and tricks. OH, tricks. First, let me make it abundantly clear that I WANT to get funded. I have no cash to go out and learn and invest on my own. This will be my retirement, I LIKE trading, I have a math and visual (architect) oriented brain, so "SEEING" set ups, trends, etc etc should be EASY for me. Oh, I also have experience in chart reading as I had invested in stocks and options in the past, so I am somewhat experienced and I UNDERSTAND the concepts. Why then am I struggling so much? Everytime I give what I perceive are the reasons instead of pointing in me in the RIGHT direction, I get told a bunch of excuses or IGNORED (the ignoring part is the MOST frustrating as to me it shows a lack of professionalism).

Now, back to the "tricks". Two examples that I saw posted here. Either ELIMINATE STOP LOSSES (who TEACHES this?) or use .01 lot size trades with 200 pip stop loss for a 30 pip goal for profit. (who TEACHES this?) How is the later "keep your losses low and let your profits run"? When the SL and TP are counter intuitive to that. And how is the former "always protect your downside" even practiced using this "trick".

Unfortunately, the posters are CORRECT. The "tricks" DO HELP you navigate and get through the simulated accounts and through the Bee Hive program. Is this what we REALLY want to learn? Is this REALLY going to help us in LIVE accounts? If the tricks are necessary to complete the program, why do we have to figure them out on our own or through the forums? It also will take us longer to figure that out to GET funded, once funded, Apiary makes MORE money, Apiary makes money on our monthly platform fee, so the longer it takes us, the more money they make.

I will REPEAT, I am thankful to Apiary as I think I will MAKE it eventually and I can't afford to do it any other way. But how about some more transparency and honesty? Instead of excuses and avoidances.


Big8sleep, neither of the two tricks you mention are necessary to meet the criteria at any Beeline level and, indeed, are not possible at the Silver II level. It is possible in Silver I to open trades without SLs (to meet one of the criteria) but this makes sense only in a structured hedge trade in which the hedge acts as your position stop loss. Don't worry, it is quite possible to come out on the other side of the Beeline with your ethics intact! :)


Valerie, thanks for the tips and lessons learned.


Congratulations, best of luck (skill) in the future.


Congratulations chaffcombe17.


That's awesome, chaffecombe17. thanks for sharing your success and strategies. It's encouraging, and its' great to be part of a community of traders and aspiring traders who share so much of their experiences- good and bad. Here's to your continued success!


I had the same problem in Silver 2 with the 5 for 5! I was not paying enought attention and had several profitable days in a row, but w/ less than 5 trades. That made me start all over again. Finally made it through last week. Silver 3 looks much easier!


Great job on the accomplishment!

I would be near the 100 days or less myself had I not opened the account and let it sit for a month and a half before getting in gear and taking action. Oh well. I wish we could see when we actually cleared the beeline levels as that could tell me exactly when I picked it up and ran with it.

I am grateful to have found this place as my trading is soooooooooo much better than it was before. :-)


very well said. good work.due to my work commitments it will certainly take me a bit longer. Like u said take the time to learn properly


Is it not true though that one can be funded while they are in Copper after three months? A consistent low draw down high return equity curve is what matters the most, yes? To anyone: don't make the mistake of trying to go through beeline and have that negatively effect your trading in any way.


As far as I can tell there are two ways to get funded. Beeline - which is completely rule based and therefore objective. And submission of a demonstrable 90 day account history - which will be interpreted in a more subjective fashion.

Personally, I was happy to tick the beeline boxes, and while I thought somethings were just plain silly, overall I enjoyed the process and was happy to operate outside my normal comfort zone for a while.

But I agree, take what you can from beeline, but don't let it destabilise you should you already have a working methodology. Being and remaining funded is all about consistent profitability within quite reasonable risk guidelines. It's not about trading any particular method.




congrats! Its been a grinding struggle for me. I hear you DamionN, works makes this super difficult


Yes Congrats, something not everyone can do, took me much longer but I didn't really have enough training to be where I wanted to be. Beeline is and was a great tool, but I must also say that once I reached the Gold level I did opt out and took the Risk Interview to jump into a funded account. At the time of my Risk Interview all stats were positive except for my expectancy which was -.23 if I remember correctly. I was put in to a 1000 pre fund account brought my expectancy to positive +.05 and was advanced to the 2500 funded level after two weeks of pre fund.
I just want to say Thank You once again to Apiary for giving us all such a grand way to learn and get into funded accounts.


Has anyone worked with the Todd Grantham technique in the video?


@chaffcombe17 Congratulations!! I really like your advice "Being and remaining funded is all about consistent profitability within quite reasonable risk guidelines. It's not about trading any particular method". I will keep it in my mind. Thank you!


Congratulations! (Trying to figure out how this page works.)


(Finally figured out this page.)
I am at this for 6 months and stuck on this step in silver.
Hopefully 3 more posts and move to next step.




It is encouraging, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the ideas to optimize training and grow to the next level !!!


some very good comments made by chaffcombet17


Congrats to all! Thanks for all comments. Thanks to Apiary for this opportunity.


Congratulations on getting to a funded account in less than 100 days. I am about one month away from achieving a funded account, but it has been a long road as I started with Apiary in April 2016. Therefore about 9 months to get to this point. However, it has been good. I have made numerous mistakes and learned in the process.


Would appropriate help with those achieved to REAL funding!
The quickest way to it?
(I have got 2500+pips over around 15 days - I am in silver now)


Would appropriate help with those achieved to REAL funding!
The quickest way to it?
(I have got 2500+pips over around 15 days - I am in silver now)


Really encouraging and motivating information.


Very Nice

Denver Dan

TR, I'm impressed, 2500 pips is a ton!

john k



I learned to trade with Online Trading Academy in Hollywood Florida, on sim future market while at the same time started to do Apiary process after Mathew Hurricane (8/21/2016 Sunday) seriously. It is an outstanding program to get into consistency and discipline.


Great stories here. I'm one simple task away from completing Silver Level has been a good ride.

Golfer Bill

Just got funded. Thought I was ready at day 86. Didn't know "real rules" and made a couple of dumb mistakes. Hopefully on right track now to make real money.


Congratulations Bill !


Inspiring stories by all who got funded! Your experiences will surely help me as well as others to achieve the same goal to get funded. Thank you.


Congratulations and best wishes.
For me its a balance between speed and need: trying to get to finding ASAP whilst learning as much as I cxan and being as prepared as I can be for when that happens


chaffcombe17, thanks for the strategy you posted earlier and congratulations on achieving funding under 100 days.


2500 pips in 15 days, WOW!


fantastic. Great Job


Great Work Bill!


Excellent job ... with great comments on expectations for new traders ... the "scavenger hunt" works well to help us explore many different trading environments ... even those we are uncomfortable with.

And the only question left is ... Where in the world is he now! lol!


Finally made yesterday Gold 3 after 5 months.


Congratulations and thanks for the information.

Godlove N

wow. congrats to every one . very inspiring.
silver three seems to be holding me down with the trading for 2 weeks task. I have accomplish all other task.




Congratulations! Are you allowed to tell us what funded level are you on now? :)


@csilla, earlier in the thread chaffe said that being funded includes a restriction on discussing one's funding level with other bees.
My understanding (warning: I just achieved Silver I on Thursday of last week) of the funding levels is that one starts at the $2,500 level with $1,000, with the full $2,500 granted shortly after (four weeks after?) when it is apparent that the switch to trading real dollars has not made the trader insane. After three months at the $2,500 level, with three profit checks cashed, one has another talk with the risk manager and moves to $5,000 or is it $10,000?
Best wishes!



I understand the live account process to be: $1000 real money for at least a couple weeks and then if you are profitable and

your statistics are at least satisfactory then you move to $2500. After 3 consecutive profitable months at $2500 and assuming

everything else is in good standing you should move to a $5000 account.


Congratulations! I also reached Gold 3 today. Started around the end Nov. 2016. Except for a week off around Christmas, have been trading most every day.


Well done! Congrats!


Congratulations. The more I progress through the beeline, the more I appreciate that each level is a real achievement. Good luck on progressing through each funding level.


well done good for you and us :) hope to be with you soon.


Congratulations. It is very encouraging to hear other people's success stories. Well done!


Congratulations - that is fantastic. I'm at the other end of the spectrum at Bronze 3. Still trying to figure out the best strategy
for me. I think I've pretty much discarded scalping for 3-5 pips. I like the sound of your strategy. It's similar to what I was doing before I found Apiary and started experimenting! What are the MA's on your charts please?
Paul T


Forgot to say do you have any advice how to achieve 'two consecutive profitable days, no losing trades' !!
Paul T


Nice Job




Thank You so Much for posting your trading plan -

I am finally moving to long term trading after months of short-term trading and pulling profits too soon. I now trade the 1H chart by placing a buy stop and sell stop during price consolidation 10 pips on either side of the top and bottom of the hourly consolidation bars 1 to 3 Hours BEFORE News - since often time price runs up before the News - I also place the same trade right before news on the hourly chart and that is working too - 25 pip SL; 40 to 50 pip target. Doing the same on the London open.

This has Really increased my win rate as I am not filling Unless there is ALOT of movement.

Today alone ended up with over 350 pips so Very Happy and finally met the requirement of Win Average higher than Loss Average.

I also LOVE MACD and Trend trading - I want to try your 4H chart - my issue has been if I try to "watch" - I have to trade the plan and let it go either to profit or loss - if I try to watch it I close it too soon or not soon enough :); I also need to be diligent to be 10 piips out so it doesn't fill early before momentum. So still decided on "how early" to place bracket.


Congratulations awesome job!

Word of encouragement to all you new Bees -
I came into Apiary as a total NEWBIE/Greenie learning all as I moved along so, proof ANYONE can be a Gold Bee (^_^)

Woo Hoo - Gold 2 - Pre Funded account in 59 Days (^_^)

Thanx to all my fellow bees for your awesome support -

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I'm now a a Gold 2 Bee (in Apiary 59 days total)

Oh Ya - woo-hoo I made it to Gold 2 Bee level working thru the night determined to achieve in 18 days or less
& at 6:10 am received congrats email was now at Gold 2 Pre Funded level (^_^)
Very exciting indeed to be in Gold 2 PreFunded now!

With a lot of determination & focus goal is to stay on track to Gold 3 by early May!!! (^_^)

I'm actually very proud of myself for recovering from a MEGA oops when lost 500+ PIPS & over $400 in account late Thurs. shut out till Thurs. (so went back that day into Silver account to stay active). The mega loss caused my positive expectancy to go - $ 3.74 :-( Eeeek!!!

I knew only way to correct oops was to trade-trade-trade & WIN a lot & loose just enough to have few of the nasty trade losses
fall off the last 50 loss rating & keeping avegare loss under $2 & average win $3.5-$4+ which worked!

Made back the lost $400 & 500 PIPS in 4 days with over 150 PiPS made Tues. 4/4 trading till 3am
(only sharing so, others see it's possible to recover from a mega oops in a timely manner)

So, on Fri. I started placing well over 200 trades scalping 3-5 PIPS on average & a few 10-20 wins to turn around the loss of prior achieved 3 requirements made by week 2. Left Gold 1 with 71/29 W/L after fixing Oops in 4 trading days (^_^)

I should have made Gold 2 on Fri., 3/31 in 14 days if had not traded after achieving all Gold 1 requirements but, still completed Gold 1 in 18 days including non trade days of Sat. (^_^)

Now next goal Gold 3/Funded account in 90 days total & $5000 funded account in 180 days or less total!!

The bee line & everyone's help in the hive has made It's very doable - TU to all for always sharing helpful info!

Happy Trading & keep focused on reaching Gold 3


Congratulations, Lady looks like you're on fire!

Well done and thank you for the encouragement.

Great, Gold 3 is just around the corner for you!



TU@jrh - Stay focused (^_^)


Wow, love the enthusiasm and control over your destiny!!!


@chaffcombe17 it's amazing inspiration, thanks for sharing! it's been a while since you've reached that level, would u mind to share ur accound increase and decrease through 3 month periods and which amount r u managing currently?

Aneetlook-Faith wow u rock!! it's another way of motivation for me, it's like "u can do anything u really want even if it seems u screwed it. just get ur ass to work d*mn it!" thanks!!!!)) i would wish good luck but seems like u don't need it and will get it done anyway lol

Larry Shinabargar

Thanks for the encouragement - You also motivate me to be more diligent is my daily tasks. God Bless Larry


Thanx (^_^_)

Sure everyone knows how it feels having done great building a picture perfect equity curve raising account $300-$500
than 1 or a 2 oops mega trip south eek!.

No doubt it is a bit devastating feeling but, after I licked my wounds said ok go trade in Silver till acct reopens after 8pm
(start of a new trade day) as did not want to be inactive as it can make you make errors due to fear of it happening again.

For me that is how I handle the emotional feeling of this type of issue. Happy trading to all & keep on keeping on as it's not far to reach Gold!

A favorite saying of mine from Art Williams is ~ "Just Do It!@


Thanks for encouragement


Thou my goal had been to bee a Gold 3 Funded Bee in 90 days - took 159 days (1 - 11 in 59 days)

Gold 2 was a challenge - 93 days 1510 trades but.........

YEAH Just became a GOLD 3 FUNDED Bee account!!!!!!

SO HAPPY - I learned a lot & am now a Gold 3 FUNDED BEE

Apiary Fund Beeline Hive Level GOLD 3

July 7, 2017

Congratulations Faith,

Your funded account is now unlocked and you can begin trading it at your convenience.

Even though you are funded and have been making money in your prefund account as well, there is more available.

I am Funded!
Woohoo!!! From now on, you’ll be trading a live account with the possibility of larger and larger profit checks every month. But don’t stop here, it’s time to master on consistency and performance - the mark of a true trader!


Hmmm...95 days for me will be September 16th. I accept your challenge, good sir! ^_^

Everyone's unique story and path to getting funded--truly motivational and inspirational.


I have finally made it through silver I and have moved to silver II. Having some really bad days as well as some good days... Had a 50 pip morning to day as well as a 100 pip day. Sill a tough road.


@linuslelker Since amount of profit on the 50 PIP & 100 pip trades is not important use .01 or .02 lot size to allow a BIG BIGGGG S/L.

That's what I did so I could let it ride. One took 2 days other happened o/n (^_^)


I finished everything in Silver III in 3 days, except for the 2 weeks with 2 trades per week. I have to wait until next Thursday (the 8th day) to make 2 trades turn into GOLD!