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Funding in under 100 days

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Funding in under 100 days

Well I have accomplished the first of two goals I set out to achieve; I did my first trade with Apiary on 20th April 2016 and made it to Gold III (the first funding level) in 96 days.

I only mention this because I hope it will encourage anyone reading this who is still going through the process, as to what is possible. It also is confirmation that Beeline as a fully automatic program works! (I have never spoken to anyone at Apiary, although there have been a few emails, back and forth). Actually, I'm pretty sure funding via Beeline can be achieved in under 90 days if you really put your mind to it. I didn't hurry Copper/Bronze and I messed up my 5 profitable days in a row in Silver. However, it must also be said I came here knowing how to trade, so if you are new to trading, you need to add some time on to cover that. There is no point in getting through Beeline in a hurry, if you are still unsure of your trading. It is far better to make every mistake under the sun in a simulated account, while still being held to account by a third-party.

My ultimate goal has always been to manage a significant sized account for Apiary. We will have to see how supportive and realistic Apiary are in helping funded traders move up through the advertised funding levels, and how accommodating the markets are!

Good trading to all fellow travellers!

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 9:59pm
Eugene M.

Thanks for sharing! Obstacles are inevitable but triumphing is sooooooooo rewarding! Great job!


Hi Chaffcombe,

Congratulations! I'm just about to round off Silver 1, I did the same as you, messing up my 5 profitable days in a row, but I got there finally.
I started with Apiary in late January and I enjoy the journey so far. It has given me more confidence in my trading, which I didn't have before. I'm cautious to not get overconfident though, as I know the markets can be very unforgiving.

Good trading to everyone!