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FX Synergy Capabilities in Alveo?

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FX Synergy Capabilities in Alveo?

Hello Bees,

I sat in on an FX Synergy webinar yesterday during which the obvious question came to mind. Other than the trailing stop, do we have any of these advanced capabilities now. If not, is there anything in the works here to either upgrade Alveo or provide an App to do similar capabilities for our trading? After reviewing the “Silver 2 Strategy” topic, I can already see how having even some of these additional capabilites would save time going forward. I’ve attached a screen shot (and link to same) that summarizes many of the functions that FX Syn does on MT4. The automatic lot size for each different currency pair based on your desired risk limit, the ability to set variable presets, the automatic scale-in,  the partial close, and the multi-level trailing stops are just a few functions that would not only save huge amounts of time for us, but also would allow us (in many cases) to not be tethered to our computers during the entire trade. Is there an upgrade in the works that would include any of these capabilities? 

Thanks - Steve

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 1:02pm