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GBP pairs on UK market open

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GBP pairs on UK market open

Anyone trading any of the GBP pairs on market open and what strategies are you using?

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 1:39pm

Surprised nobody else commented here yet. I spent all of my time in the G2 beeline level trading GJ; previously I was typically trading the EU but I was looking for different pairs to try different systems. I like the GBP pairs' volatility so I just kept on trading it/them.

I trade a lot of Asian opens as I am limited as to when I can trade. I look for the trading range for decent entry levels, which are not present every Asian open, at least for a positional trade. If I have time I'll scalp some too while doing that, there is usually enough movement even on the Asian open to take some profits. At times there is enough movement to capture my daily goal in pips in the evening.

The position trades are a bit more difficult for me but I'm getting there. I tend to look for what Triguy outlined in some of his threads as far as setups and so on, that has helped me immensely. Start here:

The scalping is typically using SVP/Wobbling which I've found handy. Here is some more on that:

Your mileage may vary.


I trade the EURUSD with the GBPUSD and GBPJPY with my DXY basket.
and most recently part f a strength/weakness method at the session open


Thanks very much for your comments. I'm also limited in when I can trade - mostly during the London open and later New York open.
I've managed making some good pips on the GBP currency pairs during these times with a daily move in the markets of +-100 pips.
Still trying to develop my trading plan....
Thanks JayTea for the links, will look into it