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Getting to know me

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Getting to know me

Hi my name is Kyong Yim I live in a small town near Ark call Texarkana Texas. I am a very fast learner and willing to learn quickly I do some stocks like bitcoin and bitcoin cash but I’m still learning but a quick learner I am wanting to get funded as soon as possible so I can make this company money while I train and maybe a little pocket cash please but it is totally up to you and let me learn so I can do some great trading in the process I’ll talk more later down the line thank you for the opportunity I have received God will always guide me as I turn my life to Jesus 100% and without him I am nothing I know that now thank you again

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 8:24am

Can I get funded and start fast as I can please I am going to tracing courses as of yesterday


@ruplinger, Welcome to the hive.
You picked the right title for you intro "Getting to know me" that is exactly what your going to learn... Read Mark Douglas.
Funding is a process of learning to trade and learning about your emotional control. I see your an Analytical - Aggressive.
That is precisely where I started at. Enjoy the walk it is a process, the beeline is only the direction..



I fully understand your desire to be funded asap. but might I ask if you would give me $$$ to trade without me providing you information about my trading education, experience, a track record even. I would hope the answer is no. Trading is not easy but it can be learned and one of the major disciplines that is required is patience.

Beeline gives you the opportunity to improve your education, gain experience and establish a track record, you can "earn" your way to being funded as opposed to asking for a blind leap of faith.

enjoy your journey and if there is anything I can do to assist, please reach out.



welcome to the hive. they put you through training to get funded but also.., sometimes the quest will stall you for a week (like in Bronze 2, trade 5 days in a row starting Monday... if u level up on Monday then you just sit waiting for a full WEEK doing absolutely nothing). the road to funding is not an easy one : waiting, training, trading, improving stats, and participating in the hive.



Professional traders only sit for a full week doing absolutely nothing when they are on vacation.

You may not be able to work through your Beeline goals, however, you can certainly trade, review your trades and strive to improve your methodology. Although I understand the desire to push through Beeline as quickly as possible (coming from the 1st person to complete it is even more important to learn how to trade and that is a never ending process :)




"...the beeline is only the direction.." you're right, your english is hard to understand sometimes.


Right on Kyong, sounds like you have the right attitude for the beeline, good luck.

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@rookie007 - Great piece of advice!

@kyong2013tx - rookie007 was telling you that you're only beginning to know yourself. He also suggested that you read "Trading in the Zone". I wasn't able to find it in Korean, but the English audiobook is freely available on YouTube.