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getting thru Gold1 expectancy

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getting thru Gold1 expectancy

Hi people.... im STUCK!!!  Gold1 expectancy has me stopped cold!  im at$ -1.6 and cant seem to make it better... ive scalped with 2, 3, and 4, pips with multiple trades on the same pair.... ive tried long swing trades.... im not getting anywhere.... any ideas?????    UPDATE  im thru it!!  its on to GOLDII  and happy as a lark!!  also looking forward to the summit in NC

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 3:26pm

Not sure I can help much but i found having really small lot size and scalping did the trick for me.


It's evaluated on the past 30 days. You have to keep your losses considerably smaller than your wins over time. There are different ways to fix your situation. The responsible way is to trade only micro lots (.01) and make sure your wins are at least twice the size of your losses on average. It will probably take the full 30 days to do that successfully. The irresponsible way is to try and push all your wins over $3 and change for the next 50 trades. Both are easier said than done and I honestly don't know which path I would take (even though I know which one I should take).


Expectancy is the true test of your ability to make money (unless you cheat by earning $1 today, stop for a week and another $1 next week and stop). I can't get my expectancy to the positive and so I'm stuck in Gold 1 too. But I guess you have to really start documenting your trades, try to write down reasons for entering a trade and reasons for exit.
Gradually I hope you can work out what went wrong in your trading, and try to create a habit that will consistently make profit for you.

I really can't recommend cheating in this beeline task, since if you can't get your expectancy positive, that means you're not ready for funding anyway, simple as that.


Try trading a longer term time frame. You will be able to hold a trade for 'just a little' longer and keep more profit per trade. Instead of a minute chart, see if a 5 minute chart works better.

I've been trading with a daily trend on a 5 minute chart for 6 years now...makes it much easier to book 30-50 pips on a trade...(daily ATR on AUDUSD as an example is 60 pips) a trade in line with a daily price move should easily generate 30 pips at least.


wow - Gold 1 sounds very difficult. As I write this, I am in Silver 3, and close to completion.

Not looking forward to getting stuck on Gold 1...


my advice...take a breather. Maybe think about going to a practice account outside of Silver, and work on getting back on track. Find a good set-up that works for you, and just practice it, and above all...keep your losses ridiculously small, and when the trade is 'clearly' going in your direction...load up. If you haven't already, maybe re-read the set-ups like bankers close, breakouts, allignments, etc...and re-watch the videos that you thought were awesome, and you'd be surprised at how many things you can pick up from them after not watching them for awhile. You'll be just fine. Just take it easy on yourself, and try and enjoy yourself in the learning process. I'm cheering for ya', man!


im in the same boat. got greedy trying to get a positive expectancy and it really killed me. im just being patient with trades now and it going back up. good luck


I've been in Gold 2 for months. Every time I get close to G3, I do stupid stuff and slide back down. This is frustrating.