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Gold 1. 3 trades per week for 3 weeks


Gold 1. 3 trades per week for 3 weeks


I am now in Gold 1 and have succeeded to solve everything except 3 trades per week for 3 trades. As I understand it it's enough to solve it in 15 days. I started to put some trades in on last Friday and got 1/3. Now I'm unsure if I should make 3 trades on Monday or on next Friday and likewise the next week. Does it count calendar weeks or day number? What do you say?



Sat, 06/22/2019 - 5:52am

I was lucky I think and managed to complete all in Gold 1 the first day which was last Friday. I placed first 50 0.01 trades in both directions and succeeded to make a green daily return. I then placed 50 trades (EURUSD and GBPUSD) anew in both directions but a little more long ones. This was a bit before London open and when it had opened and 15 minutes had passed there was a news event and EURUSD took off right up and my take profits were hit and I was positive a lot on daily return and everything in Gold 1 was completed except 3 trades per week in 3 weeks. There I got 1/3. Now I wonder how I shall complete that without destroying what I have completed. See above.


be patient not to over trade, keep small.

you'll get there

practice trading on past accounts, like silver or simulated, they don't count any more.



Thank you Orock. I will try to do that.


can you help me. i just started and i'm stuck on trailing stop. i don"t know how to delete a line.I called suport but no answer.


There is just a little check box in the open order section you can un click it. If you need to then one on click trading be for you place the trade there is a box there as well.


The Idea behindtrade 3 trades for 3 weeks is to trade regularly,just trade every day!
No profit needed,but try your best of course.
There is a tendency to try to fullfill the beeline and not stick to your trading plan/system/strategy.
Thats not helpful
Just trade your plan/strategy/system and fullfill the tasks doing that.
It might take more time but it helps you not to go negative when funded !
I am telling you this because I went down a few 100 with the funded account and had to go back to prefund for some time.Now I am funded again thaks to GOD !
But it happened only because I asked for a reset of the prefund the first time only to get earlier to Gold 3
instead of trying to trade back up from the negative and get a positive expectancy by trading right.
It really helps to avoid to get too low with the real one because you know the work that is needed to get back up and of course try to avoid this right from the start once you remember the hassle.
At least I try to avoid it now.

You can do the 3weeks in less than 15 days,as it counts from the first day of every week and as soon you meet the conditions you go to the next requirement.


So are you saying you developed a bad habit by not sticking to your game plan?


The bad thing was the shortcut I did,asking to reset the prefund back to start level instead of seriously trying to get back up.I thought I get funded earlier not investing the time in learning to get back up trading consistently profitable.I got funded earlier,but the consquences was that the very same thing happened to me with the funded account !!!It went down a few hundred,so I had to back to school : )
I had to go back to prefund and trade there,prefund was already down at that time so i had no time gained at all.I had to trade profitable consistently for 2 weeks only,not to get back to the level I started,which was a kind thing from Apiary fund to do so and I appreciate there approach to make things clear and achieveable.


After one finishes all the requirements and only need to do the 3 trades in 3 wks it makes one feel impatience to say the least. I am at that stage and it kinda sucks. The feeling that is as one wants to move to the next level.