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Gold 1 with pending orders in Silver III

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Gold 1 with pending orders in Silver III

Hello everyone, thank you for all your comments, they are very helpull

I just made it to Gold 1 wooohooo I am very excited

I have a question; I have pending orders in my Silver III account, since I made to Gold I, I know that I have to active my Gold I account, but I wondering what will happen with my orders in Silver III account. Are they going to be desactivated or are they still going on even if I not going to use that account no more?  I dont want to close them now because they will be in a loss and dont want to have a risk more than 3% loss since I have a now very good profit winnings better than my losses. Please help

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 2:22am

GREAT JOB!!!!!!! keep up the great work.


You can always go back to and switch between various accounts. For example, I often go back to my first simulated account to test new strategies. Basically, those pending trades are still there. If you want to close them, you'll have to switch back to that account.


While I'm not in Gold, yet, everything I've seen in Ron's videos suggest he only looks at the Gold account.