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Gold 1 today, thanks to the continued EUR/USD bullish trend

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Gold 1 today, thanks to the continued EUR/USD bullish trend

Charting a path through Silver was a great experience, the help of your comments was a "huge" help.  I was 36 days getting through Bronze and Copper, and 43 days working part time through Silver.  Mostly the night since I work all day.  Every time I tried letting a trade run, it went bad for me; (Murphy's Law).  

Knowing the trend gives you confidence to hang in there and see how much pull back there is in trending markets, compared to a sideways trading zone.  


Wed, 05/17/2017 - 3:37am

Congrats, triguylm1! Good luck!


Congratulations and welcome to gold 1


Thank you!


congratulations. I got it yesterday.


Congratulations to both of you!


Thank you! I am sooo close to Gold 1


Well done my friend triguylm1!

Justified and well earned.

All the very best going forward.


you have come a long way.

keep up the good work.



Congratulations to your success!


Congratulations to you and everyone that trades here .


yes. that's always the case... you enter the trade... it always goes against you...but what I've learned, is that looking at the trend is one thing and every time it pulls back, just wait it out for the reverse and enter the trade in following the major trend, not a short term trend..